Swing away to glory!

Swing away to glory!

Furniture is an integral part of every home. There are so many designs and varieties that are available in the market today to compliment the decor of any house. They may be antique, contemporary or sleek in their appearance. Some may also offer a comfort factor- like a swing.

Earlier, we used to see large houses with big drawing rooms. These invariably used to be adorned with a carved wooden board hanging with the support of strong iron chains on either side. However, in recent times, it is hard to spot such big houses. Despite that, fun-loving families are investing in fancy swings.

Termed as evergreen furniture, swings are available today in different sizes and varieties. Earlier, it was synonymous with a large wooden plank.

Even today, many homes sport the wooden swings, which are well supported by pillars; usually, the entire unit is finely carved. Such carved wooden swings can be found in many crafts melas held often in the City.

What’s trending?

The more popular choices today include the sofa-type swings made of iron, hung with supports on either side, with ‘A’ type frames. They are available as either two or three seaters. They are also available in more compact structures, so that they occupies lesser space in the house. Such swings can also be placed outside the house - say, in open balconies or on the lawns, if space permits. They can be covered with appropriately designed hoods called canopy.

Another popular variety of swing is made up of cane. These single-seaters can be suspended with a hard spring hook fixed to the roof. They are most comfortable and can be placed in any room or even in an open balcony. As they are easily available and affordable, it makes sense to bring home this versatile element of decor.

Today, there are many options to choose from. Visually-appealing and comfortable, the cane ones are best bets if you are in a space-crunch situation. There are some that can be wound with the support of a spring, with a hard metallic tubular stand. This makes it possible to comfortably place the swing in a corner of the house or outside, without the going through the trouble of hanging it.

These varieties of swings can be decorated with comfortable plush seats and back rests. They can also be decorated with motifs or abstract artifacts. For not only does a swing rest a tired body, it also makes one feel younger and happier. So, hop on one and swing away to glory!

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