Kidnappers slash victim, send pics to his aunt on WhatsApp

Kidnappers slash victim, send pics to his aunt on WhatsApp

Police catch all three men, they include father-son duo

Abductors in outer Delhi kidnapped a 22-year-old youth for ransom before police rescued him on Tuesday.

They inflicted injuries on his arms and sent the photographs to his aunt on WhatsApp when she did not take their ransom calls seriously.

Karan Chopra, who runs a small business in north Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar, was on a visit to his aunt Seema Chopra’s home on KN Katju’s Marg when he was kidnapped on Monday.
The abductors expected his aunt to be easily able to pay the ransom amount, a police officer involved in the rescue operation told Deccan Herald.

Seema has a flourishing property business in the area.

The three alleged abductors, including a father-son duo, have been arrested.
They were known to the victim from before and had kidnapped him from outside his aunt’s home on Monday.

Ransom demand
The abductors made little efforts to conceal their identity while calling Seema on her mobile phone to place a ransom demand of Rs 3 lakh.

“But Seema did not take their call seriously and thought they were joking with her,” said police.

“To prove that they meant business, they inflicted injuries on Karan’s arms using a sharp object. They sent the pictures on WhatsApp to Seema and threatened to kill him if she did not pay the ransom amount,” said police.

Seema then approached police and lodged a complaint against Shivam, 21, and 29-year-old Karan Sharma who had called her to demand ransom.

Police registered a case and launched a surveillance to track the suspects.
Shivam and Sharma were arrested on Tuesday.

At their instance, Karan was rescued from a flat in Dwarka. He was sent to a hospital for treatment.

A Tata Indigo car used in the abduction and the weapon used to inflict injuries on Karan have been recovered, said police in a release on Wednesday.

Sharma’s father Bharat Bhushan was nabbed later in the day after police learnt he was an active accomplice in the crime.