Getting high on blues

Getting high on blues


Getting high on blues

Bernard Sellam and Joel Ferron.

As part of the Bonjour India Festival, France’s very own popular blues band, Awek gave an enthralling rendering of blues in true vintage style. It was their first performance in India. The quartet, comprising Bernard Sellam on the vocals and guitar, Stephane Bertolino on the harmonica, Olivier Trebel on the drums and Joel Ferron on the bass, filled the air with foot-tapping numbers.

The ambience was perfect and the place was filled with blues’ lovers. The band began their performance and had the audience requesting for songs from the beginning. The crowd kept cheering them throughout the evening. “It is nice that such a cultural fest is being held. This will expose us to the culture of other nations as well. It is like an exchange programme where you give and take traditions,” said Mallika, a techie. “I like jazz music a lot and was excited when I found out about this. So I’m here enjoying myself,” she added.

Each of them gave solo renditions of the guitar, harmonica and the drums which received applause and which encouraged them to continue. They sang songs like ‘Everything I do is wrong’ and also a couple of songs in French. It was a skillful alloy of English and French lyrics.

“We were looking forward to our performance in India, which is the first in this amazing musical country. It is also a great opportunity to interact with the Indian audience,” exclaimed Bernard Sellam.

Awek also enjoyed playing for the audience and said that they didn’t know that there were so many blues’ music lovers in the City. They said that they would love to come back and perform once again if they get the chance.

“These people are amazing and they created such good music. It was a welcome change from my busy schedule,” said Sharath, a businessman. “My musical preference was not blues till I heard them. I’m surely going to listen to more of this genre. I would say that it was an evening well spent,” he added.