'I love Bollywood dances'

'I love Bollywood dances'

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'I love Bollywood dances'

Cat Deeley

The gorgeous Cat Deeley is known the world over as the hostess of AXN’s popular dance show, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) which is in its sixth season now. In a chat with Metrolife, the beautiful lady spoke about her love for India and on what sets the show apart.

“I have never come to India,” she exclaims. “But I would love to come, as it would be a real adventure. And I have some images in my mind of the country.” Ask her about Bollywood dances and she gets extremely excited. “I love Bollywood dances. If you are an audience member watching a Bollywood dance performance, you can’t help but smile. The music, the clothes and the choreography bring sheer joy and energy,” she answers. “In fact, in season six, Molly and Nathan (two of the participants) did an amazing routine set against the Taj Mahal.”

Is she a good dancer herself? She laughs, “On a scale of ten, I will give myself a -57 in my technical ability.” She adds, “I have absolutely no talent when it comes to dancing. The only little dancing I do is when I am at a club.”

While most reality show hosts and judges believe in keeping themselves detached from the contestants, Cat believes in the complete opposite. “It a reality show but my role is not of a judge. I am the one introducing the contestants so I am like a big sister to them.” 

Who has been her favourite dancer from the show? “I loved Russell in season six. He is an amazing krumper and he has got the most incredible story,” she says referring to his struggles. Off the show, her favourite dancer is Gene Kelley. “He did things that were never really done before. He created some of the most iconic dance routines.”

Cat wears gorgeous dresses on the show. What’s her style statement? “Well, it is to make a statement,” she smiles. “I want people to have an opinion on my style. They should love it or hate it but shouldn't ignore it.”

Currently, she is in London and is busy with the auditions of the season seven of SYTYCD. Has she ever considered a career in acting? “I have done bits and pieces of acting before but I am not looking at a serious career in it.”