People's problems....

People's problems....

People's problems....

Roads in Kempapura turn dumping yard
The road near Sindhi School and Jain Heritage School and Hebbal Kempapura Main Road and surrounding areas have become a garbage dump. Because of which, the stray dog menace in the said areas has assumed alarming proportions.

The BBMP authorities should take measures to address the problem.
Viswas Enclave Flat Association, Hebbal, Kempapura

Veeranapalya roads in a pathetic condition
The roads in Veeranapalaya are in a pathetic condition. There was some work executed by the BWSSB couple of years back and they had assured that the road damaged during the work would be repaired. Repeated requests to the authorities concerned to repair the roads have failed to elicit any response. The pothole-filled roads turn into pools when the skies open up. Waterlogging has further increased the menace of mosquitoes because of which the elderly persons and the children are falling sick. The officials concerned should look pay attention to the problems faced by the residents of Veeranapalya.
Divya K C, Veeranapalaya

Vacant plot gets messy
The empty plot in front of Jal Vayu Vihar in Kammanahalli has turned into a dump yard. Pourakarmikas dump garbage collected in the area here on a regular basis.
Add to it, they set fire to rubbish with little thought to the dire consequences of ensuing toxins into the atmosphere.

A few residents here are only compounding the issue by dumping garbage to this lot. The authorities concerned should take necessary action to prevent the civic workers from dumping rubbish on the vacant site and setting fire
to it.
An aggrieved resident, Kammanahalli

Promised garden eludes Binny Crescent Road
Fhe once pristine and quiet locality is fast becoming a slum with fumes of stink due to the constant dumping of rubble by builders and garbage by the slum dwellers nearby. A site adjoining the Binny Crescent Link Road has long been earmarked for a garden by BBMP. In fact, many of us bought our properties in Binny Crescent because we were told that a garden will come up on the government plot. But the promise has remained just that.

The site, earmarked for the garden, has turned into a dump yard and is infested with rodents and reptiles. And the foul smell emanating from the site is unbearable. The Palike should show some will and commitment to translate the site into a green patch. They can also manage to rope in corporate sponsor to turn the site into a garden and maintain it
Sadiqa Peerbhoy, Binny Crescent Road, Benson Town

Open drain in Nagasandra an eyesore
The open drain in Nagasandra area is in a pathetic condition. Trash dumped in the drain has blocked the sewage water movement. The stench and the mosquito menace have made the lives of the residents miserable. The Palike authorities and the occupants of Sobha Apartments should address the problem at the earliest.
Sanchita, Nagasandra

Balaji Layout lacks proper drainage system
The 16th Cross Road of HMT layout in Vidyaranyapura passes through Balaji layout before connecting to MS Palya Road. This stretch of road at Balaji Layout lacks stormwater drainage. Since, there is no stormwater drain, water gushes into houses when the skies open up, causing lot of inconvenience to the residents of the area.

Elderly persons, schoolchildren and women find it tough to walk on this stretch. Repeated complaints to the BBMP sub-division office Vidyaranyapura have elicited no response. Hope the authorities concerned will take necessary action to put an end to this problem at the earliest.
Radhakrishnan Nair P, Balaji Layout

Restore dug up roads
Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is carrying out work at various areas across the City. It is important to ensure that the roads are restored after the work is completed. But the Water Board is not bothered to take steps to restore the roads after the completion of the work, thereby causing inconvenience to commuters. BWSSB digs up long stretches of the road for the drain or pipeline lying works and leave the work site without restoring the stretch. The Water Board should look at digging small stretch of the road and restore it.

The officials concerned need to immediately restore the following junctions/ roads: Lake road in BTM layout not restored for 3 to 4 months; Iblur Junction was partially restored, leading to slow vehicular movement; Old Airport Road between Ring Road and Marathahalli Market is pending for the last three months; The restoration of ITPL Main Road, from Kundalahalli Colony to Graphite India Junction, is pending for more than 2 months.
Shashidhara K

Bal Bhavan in a deplorable condition
The Bal Bhavan in Cubbon Park is one of the must-see places in Bengaluru. Thousands of tourists visit the bhavan.

But during my recent visit there, I was shocked to see the bhavan lying in a deplorable condition. The whole park was full of uncleared garbage.

Playing equipments are very old and worn out, posing a danger to the children.
Snack stalls lack hygiene. It is also very difficult to find parking space during weekends.
The park lacks maintenance on regular basis.

One has to park his vehicle at a far away place and walk all the way back to the entry gate just to buy the entrance ticket.

The authorities concerned should take steps to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in the park and set up one more ticket counter at the other end.
Kamal Laddha, Motinagar

Post box in HBCS Lyt is old and worn out
The door of the post box in 1st Cross of Maruthi HBCS Layout, BTM 1st Stage, always remain open and there is every possibility that the letters may spill over or drop down on the garbage-filled footpath. The confidentiality of the letters which we post here is compromised and anyone can easily take out the letters after they are posted. The letters are also exposed to rain and rodents. Children too can playfully remove the envelopes. There is a big split in the box due to the rusting. The Postal department has not bothered to take steps to repair it or replace with the new one.

I request the authorities concerned to replace the damaged post box with a new and secured one. Also, the shape and design of the post box has remained unchanged for almost seven decades. The department should modernize the post boxes and make them more elegant and functional.
S Tahsin Ahmed, HBCS Layout, BTM 1st stage

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