What is this life, if full of care...

Twin monsters

What is this life, if full of care...

Will my project turn out right? Will I succeed in my job interview? Will I be safe while travelling late? Will my children get into mischief? Will my husband be impatient because of the delay caused by my work? Is he having an affair with his colleague? Will I be able to confront him? I feel tired and may not be able to manage the party in the evening! And, of course, I have to see to the children’s homework and meet their teacher in the morning. Why do I feel so lonely despite having people around me? Why does no one understand that I am overburdened with work and worry? Will I need professional help?

These are some of the stress/anxiety buttons of modern women and they get pressed every hour, turning the day into a nightmare. With home, marriage, children, career and a hundred other things to manage, women today are multi-tasking like never before. Achieving a dozen goals at the same time, they have no time to look after their own health and give their body and mind the required rest and rejuvenation to keep their energy levels high. There are so many reasons as to why our stress and anxiety levels are become really dangerous. Why has it risen to such an epidemic level, you ask?

Looking for reasons

There are various reasons as to why our stress and anxiety levels have increased. The reasons are varied, but here are some that are possibly the most impactful: 
Taking up more work than we can handle. We sometimes take in more work or responsibility than is reasonable. Remember, we just have 24 hours to complete everything, from work projects to planning our personal and family lives. With everything becoming a priority, the backlog can sometimes become a cause of stress.

Fear of failing. It is difficult to reel in your mind to find successes and work
effectively to arrive at a solution, when it is bogged down by doubts and worry. We begin to fear that no one will help us during the difficult times and whom do we turn to during tough times. The fear of failing to solve problems grips us and influences all our actions. The feeling of ‘nothing will go right’ in such times also magnifies one’s stress.

Achieving goals. Fighting to achieve the goals, but failing at it repeatedly sometimes makes people angry at times or unable to accept defeat. At such times, stress can lead to depression, causing one’s energy levels to go down and making the problem worse.
Testing Patience. Marital and romantic relationships can test our patience. Sometimes dealing with verbal wars, with your significant other or your children, is exhausting and draining. With the world changing at a faster rate, many families today face serious tensions between parents and grown-up children.  

Finding solutions

Stress is contagious and once it makes a home in our minds, it is hard to get rid of it. The moment we see the other side of the thought and decide to try ‘one more time’ to conquer our fears, we are on our way to success.

Here are some quick and effective remedies for stress:

Choose consciously not to be impatient and irritable all the time, whatever the provocation. Although you may have a demanding schedule, develop a pool of silence and peace within you. Take a breather, which can clear your mind - such as a walk or meditation, before moving on to the next task.

Transform anger or frustration into positive thoughts and energy. Develop positive habits, which do away with the need to be tense.

Organise your day effectively. By doing so, you can avoid a backlog of work and also attend to various matters, personal and work, with preparation.

Use worry and stress as creative agents that force you to take a decision or solve a problem. Don’t make ifs or buts the anthem of your workday because they stymie your thinking power and tie you in knots of negativity.

Do not let fear stop you from arriving at a solution; ask for help from your family and colleagues. Sometimes, the problem solves itself in time. 

Break the habit of worrying. Whenever you are tempted to be anxious or worried, make a concerted effort to stay away from emotional speculation and take the logical path. A short break from all you are doing can work wonders. Chronic anxiety or stress needs professional advice. So, do not hesitate to reach out and get it, if needed.

Think calmly of all the solutions to the problem you are facing. Push worry out and invite logical thoughts, which help you to find method in the madness. Be logical in your thinking patterns and reach the right solutions.

Do not allow any worry to occupy the whole of your day. If it is an inseparable part of your day, address the issue when you are in a much calmer state of mind.

Remember that there is no person in the world who is free of worry, anxiety, or stress. They are a part of modern life. So, face them sportingly – unless the matter is serious and calls for professional help. And deal with the situation in a fair and efficient manner.

Everyday, set aside a ‘no worry time’ when you put your feet up and relax. Write down all the anxiety points in your daily life and deal with them in a disciplined, dispassionate manner. If any of these are unsolvable, leave them alone – at least for some time. And get on with life; don’t let stress and anxiety take the joy out of living.

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