Guru-Shishya Paramparya

The Guru-shishya paramparya thrived and flourished for thousands of years in India. In this culture, when there was a need to convey subtle and powerful knowledge, it was always done in an atmosphere of utter trust, dedication, and intimacy between the Guru (Master) and the shishya (disciple). “Parampara” is literally defined as “an uninterrupted tradition”.

In the Guru-shishya tradition where spiritual truths are transmitted, the Guru looks for a shishya who is truly dedicated, holds this truth above his life. He looks for such a person and transmits it to him. This person looks for another like that and transmits it to him. This chain continued for thousands of years without a break. This is known as Guru-shishya parampara.

The knowledge of the spiritual aspects of life was never written down because once written, wrong kinds of people could read it and misinterpret it. It was understood that only a person who is in a certain level of experience should know it; others should not. That is how it was transmitted. Only when the Guru-shishya paramparya started breaking up, did they start writing down the spiritual truths.

The science of yoga is all about making a person transcend five sense organs and know one’s ultimate nature. In order to do this, it is important that he has the necessary energy support. That which is not in one’s experience cannot be taught intellectually. It can only be taught by taking one to a different dimension of experience. To take a person from one dimension of experience to another, one needs a  device, which is of a higher level of energy. That device is what we call the guru.

A guru is not a teacher. The Guru-shishya relationship is on an energy basis. There is a space where nobody else – your husband, your wife, your child, your parent – can touch you. They can only touch you in your emotion, your mind or your body.

If you want to reach the very peak of your consciousness, you need lot of energy – all the energy you have and more. A Guru-shishya relationship has become so sacred and important because when the crisis moment comes in a disciple’s growth, he needs a little push on the energy level. Without that push, he doesn’t have the necessary energy to reach the peak. Only someone who is on a higher plane than yourself can give that little push to you. Nobody else. That is the Guru.

My Bond
My bond for you is of light, and not just of love,
Let me soak your body, breath, and being with fuel so
Wherever you wish to go, who am I to say don’t?
But let me light a lamp, on the path you will walk

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