Sandeep-Karan continue to dominate

Sandeep-Karan continue to dominate

Overnight leaders Sandeep Sharma and Karan Arya from team Maruti Suzuki took the first place in the Extreme Car category in their Maruti Gypsy with a timing of 2:35:06 on the second day of the Dakshin Dare here on Tuesday.

Samrat Yadav and Gaurav came a close second covering the distance in 2:39:23.  Suresh Rana along with his navigator Parminder, who was in the fourth spot on Monday, sped up to the third position, clocking the distance in 2:42:10 in their Maruti Gypsy.

In the extreme bike category, Arvind KP maintained his lead covering the given distance in a time of 2:23:51, followed by Natraj who maintained his second position. Abdul Wahid was third, covering the distance in 2:37:24. Among the women participants, Bani Yadav, Harshita Gowda and Anu Rana have been challenging one another to try and give their best shot in the competition.

In the endurance category, Dilip Jain along with his team-mate Chandra Shekhar and Ganesh Moorthy (Nagarajan) gave a tough competition to each other before Subhir Roy, along with Nirav Mehta, beat the two in an exciting finish. The rallyists will be traveling through the Tungabhadra canal stage on Wednesday.

Provisional results (Day 2): Ultimate cars: Sandeep Sharma/ Karan Arya (Team Maruti) 2:35:06, 1; Samrat Yadav/ Gaurav 2:39:23, 2; Suresh Rana/ Parminder 2:42:10, 3.
Ultimate bikes: Arvind KP 2:23:51, 1; Natraj 2:31:15, 2; Abdul Wahid 2:37:24, 3.
Endurance cars (TSD): Subhir Roy/ Nirav Mehta (Team Maruti) (1 minute and 48 seconds penalty), 1; Dilip Jain/ Chandra Shekhar (1:53 seconds penalty), 2; Ganesh Moorthy/Nagarajan (1:57 seconds penalty), 3.