SP MLA Zameerullah Khan launches 'Save the Cow' campaign

SP MLA Zameerullah Khan launches 'Save the Cow' campaign

SP MLA Zameerullah Khan launches 'Save the Cow' campaign

A Muslim MLA of Samajwadi Party has launched 'Gaye Bachao Andolan' (Save the Cow campaign) as part of which members of the community will vow not to slaughter cows or consume its meat, an initiative welcomed by Hindu organisations.

Zameerullah Khan, SP MLA from Kol assembly in Aligarh, told PTI over phone that he has approached many Imams and clerics who have supported this campaign.

"I will make Muslim brethren vow neither to slaughter cows nor consume cow meat. I would be the first one to take the oath," said Khan.

The first oath will be taken by thousands of people in Tappal village where an alleged incident of cow slaughter triggered tension a few days ago. We will eventually go to every village and make Muslim brothers take the oath, he said.

The idea to launch such a campaign came following this incident which led him to think of ways to avoid such cases and also foster amity between the two communities.

Khan said, "Cow is sacred to Hindus, who are like big brothers. As far as cow slaughter is concerned, one man slaughters the animal and defames the entire community. Why do something to hurt their feelings?" he said.

The SP lawmaker said that when other "alternatives" like buffalo and goats were available, why slaughter cows?

"We gave a memorandum to the SSP recently in this regard. Even Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is against cow slaughter. Even Muslims want it therefore, it should be stopped," he said.

To stop cow slaughter, Khan has prepared a proforma in which every person who sells cows will be required to mention his name, address, contact details and the purpose of selling the animal. The same will be applicable for the buyer too.

The MLA said that he has given the proforma to the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) and it has been implemented in some places.

Khan said he would raise this issue in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly as well, adding, "I have prepared the proforma on my own. If the House agrees it can make necessary changes."

Khan said a number of Hindu organisations have lauded the campaign.
"It is a good and welcome move. There should be no cow slaughter as it is beneficial for humanity," VHP spokesman Sharad Sharma said and called for participation from members of both the communities.