When thematic fashion meets technology

When thematic fashion meets technology

Coming together

Ace designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, who is known for his minimalism and understated design aesthetics with a sharp eye for detailing, held a thematic fashion theatrical show which brought together tradition and technique.

Singh presented a range of clothes that were created using techniques like Ikat and Japanese origami. The highlight of the show was monochromatic black and white theme.

“It was basically a curated collection of what we have done in the past and a few new things, essentially a black and white. All the creation which can be seen here are something which was very simple and yet very modern,” Singh tells Metrolife.

The models walked down the ramp wearing Ikat patterns, hexagonal shapes and the geometrical prints which are the designer's trademark. “The show was divided into four distinct themes. The first one was urban modern, essentially very fine counts of gold. The second one revolved around black and white graphics which were basically of the old Ikat technique. The third one was technology which was basically man-made fibres and metal and fourth one was leather wear woven with fur upholstery, khadi mixed with silk and laser cut designs,” he adds.

The show was held to mark the launch of Maruti Nexa in Delhi. On this collaboration, the 46-year-old says, “A lot of work I do is in black and white. Seeing my work, Maruti team approached me as they wanted to do a show with me in collaboration with their ideas. The show depicted their journey with the help of my creations.”

The show was spiced up with some foot-tapping music which saw the models flaunting some of garments using metal that were slightly advanced but for all intents and purposes technology based clothing. “The creations which are showcased at the event are not just easy on eyes, but are also equally engineered,”Singh said.