Many projects in hand

Many projects in hand

Many projects in hand

Kannada actor Tilak has never had his hands so full. He has four films ready for release, including one in Telugu, and is working on two more projects in Kannada.

The young star though is still hungry for more roles and is exploring as many characters in as many varied genres as possible.

In his current project, Tilak plays a rich spoilt brat who gets himself into a lot of mess. “Does this young man come clean? This is the crux of the story,” informs Tilak, who says that the shooting has begun and the movie will be shot across the City. Tilak says that it is the way the character has been designed that caught his attention.

“There’s every kind of emotion that an actor is looking for in this character. There’s style, action, romance, anger… you will get to see me emote of all these,” he shares.

There’s also another project called ‘Octopus’ where Tilak plays a cop. “It’s a science-fiction film and I am a cop who has been given the task of investigating a complicated case. I can’t give away too many details about this project,” he says.

In ‘Love on NH-4’, Tilak, slips into the character of a conman who shamelessly takes any route to make money.  “For him money speaks and only money has the power to change things. He is blinded by this belief that money is everything,” he says. He has changed his look for ‘Pallavi Talkies’ where he plays a cop, “I’ve grown a moustache and I’ve had to work on building my stamina,” he says.

All these projects will release this year and some of them may spill into the next year as well and Tilak is sure that some of the projects will surely change a lot of things for the better for him.

“Every new project brings with it a new experience. I am glad that I’ve some meaningful projects, coming my way. It feels good to work on only a few films where I have something substantial to contribute,” he concludes.