Refraining from impulsive decisions

Refraining from impulsive decisions

A young medical student was once stating, "Even in duress, never drive yourself into making those deadly impulsive decisions, particularly the ones that dictate, determine and design your future."

She went on to explain, "Truckling under various pressures, I hastily got into my postgraduation, in a subject, for which neither I have passion nor predilection. I have got myself embroiled in an imbroglio, being unable to enjoy the course or retrace my step backward. For, to extricate myself from here, I have to pay a penalty of prodigious amount."

The other day, an acquaintance was saying, "I was working in a big company, wherein everything was conducive to professional growth. There was bountiful bonhomie among colleagues, the company boss was generally convivial in his attitude, the acoustics were excellent, and the pay package was pretty plum. Amidst these, once, I was asked to send an important mail, intended to clinch a lucrative business deal with a lucre-laden foreign company.

As luck would have it, I committed a silly howler in the mail, due to which the deal got staved off, and I got subjected to a showdown, with the boss stridently hollering at me before others. I took an impulsive decision in a fit of flaming fury, forfeiting that fabulous job on frivolous matters. Now, I am simply not able to sight a similar job somewhere else."

A friend's nephew, just out of engineering college portals, and into precincts of new workplace, was recently saying, "A colleague, who commutes to our office every day in his snazzy motorbike, struts around with surplus hubristic airs and highfalutin attitude. I decided to bring him down a peg or two, by trouncing him with heavy drubbing, in the game of life! So, impetuously, by taking a fat loan, I bought a vehicle, more high-end than his. Now, a big chunk of monthly salary is pared off in repaying loan. I really repent for being so callow in my decision."

Incidentally, we behold many such footloose 'n fancy-free youngsters, recklessly making such random decisions over umpteen things in life.

They impulsively buy/sell things, impulsively get in/out of jobs/ relations, even get in/out of wedlocks too!

Interestingly, we elders either aren't straggling behind in impulsive decision-making in many matters, by bidding adieu to all our prudence.

Even in minor matters, we take impulsive decisions. We impulsively decide to watch a film, to eat something, or to buy something, which might not essentially bring us that joy.

So, it is good to refrain from making decisions, especially when the mind is stewing in gamut of emotions, being under influence of any of these - angst/ anguish, ire/ irritation, depression/ doldrums, despondency/ disillusionment, etc.

We should remember that when the mind isn't in its tranquil state, by making impulsive decisions, we'd be only be acting in haste, to repent leisurely later on!

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