Without the calories

Without the calories

Sweet cravings

While we struggle with tastes and healthy food on a daily basis, chef-cum-nutritionist Ruhee Bhimani came up with an easy-to-make, healthy and delicious dessert during the ‘Protein Baking and Healthy Dessert’ workshop held at the Anytime Fitness Gym in Malviya Nagar, recently.

Opening the workshop by elucidating how we labour under the misconception that healthy food can never be tasty, Bhimani told people how we can satiate our taste buds with desserts that taste exactly like chocolate and are yet devoid of all calories and carbohydrates.

Giving a few tips on healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, she prepared desserts like Casein Mousse, Protein Choco Bars, Nutella truffles, Cookie Clusters using chocolate protein, dates and almond milk.

The entire workshop was targeted at the growing problem of obesity and lifestyle ailments and to kill unhealthy cravings.On the occasion, Vikas Jain, managing director, Anytime Fitness India said, “While we exercise, the basics of nutrition are equally essential. This initiative has been taken to put an emphasis on healthy eating and working out in the gym like a part of the meal.”