Grateful to the guiding light

Grateful to the guiding light

Teachers' Day

Grateful to the guiding light
You run to them when in need and they are always there, guiding you to a better future. Teachers are the most influential people in one’s life and there is no end to the things you can be thankful to them for. Celebrating the myriad lessons that one has learnt from them, Bengalureans talk about their favourite mentors this ‘Teachers’ Day’.

Young professionals, like Nikita Choudhary, recollect how their teachers, who were young at heart, kept the excitement alive in regards to any plans or journeys. “Smitha ma’am, our teacher at BMS College of Engineering, was just a few years elder to us and that helped bridge any possible gap. She was a favourite of mine and my friend Krithika’s. The approach she took to things was always different,” says the architect.

“There was a student who wasn’t interested in the course and would often fail in the exams. Though most teachers get irritated with such students, Smitha ma’am would keep nudging him about his abilities, and that he should follow his passion. She had a positive outlook to everything and that has rubbed on to me.” Nikita adds that she’s in touch with her teacher and turns to her for advice and support even today.

For some like Tina Anisha Bibeiro, a student of St Joseph’s College, a teacher is someone who is firm and stands by the students in their time of need.

“My favourite teacher, Rev Fr Richard Rego, is someone many look up to. Despite his own commitments, he always takes time out to help the students need. I’m really inspired by how accessible he is to all students when they need guidance.”

She adds that the best ‘Teachers’ Day’ gift for Rev Fr Richard would be to try and meet his expectations. “He’s forever encouraging us to excel and that’s what I will try to do.”

Sandalwood actress Kriti Kharbanda, remembers how her favourite teachers always inspired her and helped her believe in herself. “I have three favourite teachers from my school days — Sheela Mathew, who taught us in second grade; and Mrs Raju and Mrs Rozario, who taught us in the 10th grade. One of my most pleasant memories with Sheela ma’am is my birthday in second grade, when she took a photograph of me and stuck it in the classroom. When my mother asked her about it, she said that I was a good student and I had the calibre to excel in life. And despite moving many classes, she has always carried this photograph with her.”

Kriti adds that Mrs Raju was the one who told her that since she has a “pretty face”, she would have to work harder to prove her talent. “She was a firm teacher, but she always pushed me to do more.” Mrs Rozario, who was an English teacher, “would always correct everyone’s vocabulary” says Kriti, with a smile. “She knew that I was more creative person than an academic one, and always encouraged me to speak good English.”

Actor Sriimurali says that there are three people who were perfect teachers in his life. “My Maths teacher, Nagalakshmi ma’am, made me realise that I could sing and encouraged me to take part in events. My school headmistress, Leelavathi ma’am, knew that I wasn’t as much into academics as I was into co-curricular activities and she instilled confidence in me, which has helped me reach where I am.” His father is his third favourite teacher, who continues to teach him “valuable lessons of life”. “I learnt to be disciplined and organised because of him,” he proudly says.

Suraj Gowda, who is a fresh face in the Kannada film industry, says that his favourite teacher from high school, Usha Shirahatti, had a different outlook to things. “She was a very cool person. It was because of her that we realised we could also be friends with teachers. Usha ma’am even took us out for movies and that changed our attitude towards many things in life.” He says that he is still in touch with Usha. “She would correct us wherever required and was a very disciplined person. But she also made us realise that there was more to life than just academics,” he adds.

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