Fly with ease

Fly with ease

Travelling tips

Fly with ease

Ease air travel for yourself and your co-passengers by following some basic etiquettes, says an expert.


 Wait before reclining: Reclined seats are the only thing in an airline where one can get a few inches of extra leg room. Do your backseat neighbour a little favour by waiting just a few minutes before reclining.

Stay calm and polite: While you are relaxing on your seat, you feel a piercing jolt in the middle of your back. And before you could know the reason, it happens again. Kindly stand up and politely ask the adult to control the child kicking at the back of your seat.

 Packing travel essentials: Pack all your essentials in clear plastic cases. This will help the security to see what you have got without having to open a case and touch your stuff.

Carry necessary travel documents: Make sure that you have all of your travel documents before leaving home. This will include airline tickets or boarding passes, passports (if required), and a valid government issued photo identity card.


Do not be grumpy: Delays are quite inevitable with airlines. Yelling at staff members and being rude to fellow passengers would not serve any purpose.Therefore stay calm and co-operate and things will definitely fall in place.

 Do not drink: Some people are greatly fascinated with mini wine bottles, so much so that they carry it along with them even in the flights.

What people forget is that as you move up, the supply of oxygen falls and booze hits hard and fast.

 Playing loud music: We understand that travels can be boring when you do not have much option of keeping yourself entertained.

Also, we love listening to music while travelling. But it can be possible even without holding a karaoke contest inside the flight.

 Questionable items: Avoid packing questionable items in your luggage and save yourself the trouble.

If you are not sure of a particular item, better play it

 Luggage unlimited: Do not stuff your bags into overhead compartments crush the items into other bags. There is a reason why carry-on luggage is limited.

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