In a first, drone traces kid's body to open drain

In a first, drone traces kid's body to open drain

Body of 6-year-old Husna fished out, sibling's located but yet to be retrieved

In a first, drone traces kid's body to open drain

Using a drone equipped with thermal camera, the police on Tuesday traced the body of eight-year-old Ali Abbas Baig to an open drain in a forest area in HBR Layout.

On August 27, Ali Abbas and his two siblings were pushed into the manhole by Fayum Baig who was having an affair with their mother Nazima Begum.

The search for the body of Ali Abbas’ sister Husna Begum is still on while the body of their sibling Raheem Baig was fished out on Monday.

The police, along with the fire personnel, carried out an intense search operation in the open drain which is connected to the manhole, where the siblings were pushed.

The open drain stretches for a few kilometres and it is a tedious task. Around 4 pm, the body of Husna was traced and fished out.

“As the water is mucky, it is difficult to trace the body of Abbas Ali Baig. The police and fire department personnel will resume the operation on Wednesday morning,” said the police.

In a first, Cop Collector, a drone equipped with Infra Red Imaging was used to trace the bodies. Lokesh, Chief Technology Officer of Menestys Systech Solution, said, “For the first time the drone is being used for such an operation. The human body generates a kind of heat and this drone captures the heat of the body and gives us the information of where the body is located. The drone uses the Thermal Imaging Technology which senses the heat generated from a body.”

“In this particular case, the bodies are washed up in an open drain and it is not possible for a manual search as the water raises intolerable stink. With the help of this drone, we located the body of Husna and the police personnel fished out the body. The drone has indicated the body of Abbas Ali but we are not sure of the location and also there is no proper light to carry out the operation. The police have done a great job,” he added.


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