LinkedIn explains how to make the most of the tool

LinkedIn explains how to make the most of the tool

LinkedIn, a leading global platform where professionals can upload their resumes and build their profile of record, also helps them to connect with the right people for career advancement, and provides a platform to blog as part of personal branding exercise.

In an interaction with Deccan Herald, LinkedIn India and Hong Kong Head of Communications Deepa Sapatnekar elaborated on how the company helps professionals in different stages of their career build their brand, professional network, and knowledge.
“For example, students can look for a jobs at their dream company by connecting with alumni of the college or by linking with established professional across industries to bag an internship,” said Deepa.

LinkedIn helps mid-level professionals to connect to the right set of mentors to be productive and successful. It helps them to observe and learn from the professional journey of peers and senior professionals in their industry. LinkedIn also updates them with industry news through its publishing feature Pulse. “Using this, senior professionals can share their wealth of experience while engaging with their peers in meaningful ways,” said Deepa.

When asked about the personal branding being done through LinkedIn, Deepa said blogging helps members in today’s professional environment to project their skills and understanding of a particular industry and can help them stand out from the rest.

“Through LinkedIn long form posts, when a member publishes a post, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, and is shared with their trusted network,” said Deepa.

The platform also helps professionals add to their knowledge by reading up on insightful opinion pieces from global influencers like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Martha Stewart.

“They can also follow an influencer or topics of interest on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Other than global influencers, professionals can also follow prominent India-based leaders like Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Swati Piramal, Ronnie Screwvala and Nandan Nilekani,” said Deepa.

LinkedIn has seen 7x growth in publishing, with almost 1,00,000 pieces of long-form content available on the platform. “Be it students or professionals, access to professional knowledge on the LinkedIn publishing platform enables members to learn from their peers and showcase their expertise,” said Deepa

The company brought in significant and relevant change to their mailing practices this year by cutting down the number of emails users receive in the form of invitations from other users.

Attributes that matter

To make use of LinkedIn in an optimal way, she said it is important for professionals to put their best foot forward on LinkedIn to stand out from the rest. “Having a complete profile is the first step to showcase your skills and achievements,” said Deepa.

She also pointed out that five attributes on one’s profile can help in enhancing visibility.
“Showcasing education and academic details can help one increase profile views by 15 times. Specifying the industry one works in can help achieve 15 times more number of profile views. It is important to add a profile picture, which can bring in all five attributes and increase profile views by 14 times. Stating the position held currently and in the past helps in garnering 12 times more profile views, and adding location details in one’s LinkedIn profile can increase profile views by five times,” she said.


Career advancement

Students can use LinkedIn to secure dream jobs by connecting with alumni or with established professional
Mid-level professionals can connect to the right set of mentors to learn from their professional journey
Senior professionals can use Pulse to blog and share their experience even as they engage with peers

Personal branding

 Use LinkedIn to project one’s skills and understanding of any industry
 This can help one stand out from the rest of the crowd
 Publish a post and make it part of one’s profile, and have it shared with one’s network

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