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The subject of psychology interested Pallavi Khemka as a teenager, how the mere interest in the subject got translated into an out-of-the-box business model, is an experience that any young adult entrepreneur will share with her.

Khemka tells Metrolife, “The subject of psychology interested me and growing up with this interest,I decided to pursue my masters in clinical psychology. But by the time I finished my studies, I realised that it was the ‘emotional quotient’ of the subject is what I loved. The conventional occupation of a psychologist was never what I aimed.

The 25-year-old’s entrepreneurial endeavour, Khatte Meethe Desire, a gifting solutions company, are seeing good days. But for Khemka it is her desire to ‘bring smiles to people’s face’ that made her visualise it.

“It took me an entire year to discover myself and figure out what I wanted to do. I worked with a marketing firm but soon got bored. On Valentine’s Day when I made a gift for my friend’s beloved, the smile that it brought to her face inspired me. It was a trigger to use my creativity to spread smiles,” Khemka explains.

She discussed the idea with her friends and told them that she wished to do something like this in future. “But they argued, “why future, why not now” and this is how Khatte Meethe Desire came into being,” she says.

The company specialises in designing hand-crafted readymade and customised decorative products that are suitable as gifts on different occasions and people. She claims that each of the items that her company produces has a thought behind it and narrates a story elaborating the desires of the giver. She believes that her understanding of human mind “helps her get into a person’s shoe” and that craft products accordingly, that would touch their heart. 

“I think that the way I can express my feelings cannot be sufficed by anyone. My psychology background helps me to understand the best way I can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Every product is a reflection of that. My ideas can be best executed by me. Thanks to my team that has been like a helping hand and supporting me in this journey,” she says.

The venture which she started single-handedly is now a 12-member startup.However, she still prefers to executive ideas herself.

Khemka elaborates how every item that her company produces has a thought behind them and narrates a story about the desires of the giver. One of their products named ‘Love in a bottle’ is inspired by a lover. He wanted a gift that can convey his message to his beloved and something that would always remain close to her heart.

Khemka explains to Metrolife, “Therefore, we designed a small glass bottle, hung in a chain like a pendant. There is a scroll inside that tiny bottle in which he wrote his message. This way the message remains close to his beloved’s heart.”

This is just one of them, Khatte Meethe Desire has ‘Personality Pillars' that comprise 12 white pillar candles with all the 12 sun signs, ‘Enlighten’er’ which is an expression of love in form of a personalised glass lamp and many more.

Though her “conservative” family, time management, marketing and promotion gives her a tough time, yet Khemka keeps a high vision and aspires to take her venture to an international platform in few years.

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