A game gone awry

A game gone awry

A game gone awry

Kannada (A)  ¬¬
Cast: Madhuri Itagi, Gayathri Venkatagiri, Kadambari Jethwani, Bharat, Avinash
Director: Raajkumar Reddy

Ouija is spirit or talking board where one invokes spirits to communicate with ghosts or lost souls roaming free. Exploring this paranormal concept, director  Raajkumar Reddy has tried to give audiences spine chilling experience with Ouija.

The film could have turned wonderful and hair raising horror flick if Reddy had put his energes into making it neat and nifty one. But Reddy more concerned with film’s commercial prospects, than providing delectable and captivating cinema, Ouija turns out one of missed opportunity.

Ouija, revolves around three giggly, gorgeous girls – Neharika, Kshetra and Krishna Veni, living life in style. Trying their hand at horror documentary, they latch on to the idea of Ouija. With starry-eyed film extra Balraj offering himself as their hero, to make it big, the girls go about their task in all earnest. However, what turns out as fun game, goes horribly wrong, as the spirit that has been roused seeks to take its revenge.

Even as the foursome keep telling themselves it’s only a game, happenings around them sees an invisible being stalking and giving them the works. Though warned by Ouija expert Iliyas, not to take it lightly, gives them nightmares, as fear gnaws their souls. For, as goes film’s tagline - Games aren’t always funs, and inviting “passing spirits to please come”, sure has its cataclysmic consequences. Is there a spirit out to take its vengeance? Do girls drive it away? are what Ouija goes on to explore.

Though Ouija has its moments, thanks to action director William Ong’s clever choreography, and Ravikumar’s eerie cinematography, with abjectly poor acting credentials, and film per se, failing to live up to demands of the genre, turns it rather snooze and snoring time at theatres than getting the shivers.

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