Hafiz Saeed preaching terror in connivance with Pak forces: BSF

Hafiz Saeed preaching terror in connivance with Pak forces: BSF

Hafiz Saeed preaching terror in connivance with Pak forces: BSF

Jamaat-ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed is touring terrorist camps along the border and "repeatedly provoking" militants to carry out attacks in India, BSF today said and alleged connivance of the Pakistani security forces in the campaign of the 26/11 mastermind.

Pakistan's security forces are allowing Saeed to "openly operate" in the border areas to indoctrinate terrorist groups, Inspector General (IG) of BSF, Jammu Frontier, Rakesh Sharma told reporters here today.

"You saw Hafiz Saeed has been repeatedly provoking terrorists. Recently inputs have come that motivational speeches are being delivered in the terrorist camps and launching pads that we have to engineer terror acts (across the border in this side)," Sharma said.

The BSF IG was replying to a question whether the terror infrastructure across the border has increased.

"There has been an increase in such activities across the border. Motivational talks and provocative speeches by preachers have increased," Sharma said.

"He (Hafiz Saeed) has been engaged in motivational speeches. He has been seen doing this in Sialkote and some other areas, and he is visiting various parts of Pakistan," he added.

Sharma said,"There was news last year that he (Saeed) was seen close to IB in Sialkote sector. He is indoctrinating the youth and terrorist groups and motivating them to do something (engineer terrorist acts in India)."

Replying to question whether there was a nexus between Pakistan Army and Saeed on the borders, the IG said, "If any security force does not want something to happen in its area of operation along the borders...definitely it forces its own will.

"If it (will) is not been forced and Hafiz Saeed can openly operate in the border areas... It is clear indication of involvement of Pakistan's security forces."

"If they are interested in maintaining peace and tranquillity on the border and do not want to disturb it, they should stop him. They are not stopping him that is clearly evident of their involvement," IG said. 

Replying to another question on the threat that terror outfit IS may pose for BSF along the border while countering cross-border infiltration, the IG said, "As of now, there is no input like this. But we are keeping a close eye on activities and what is happening across."

"Therefore, a terrorist can do anything anywhere. So, we also become vulnerable. We have accordingly taken adequate measures. We have sensitised our ground commanders also and they are picking up and carefully examining each and every situation.

"Such type of possibility cannot be ruled out. There is such possibility but we are taken adequate measures," Sharma added.

"It is being thought that IS can support Pakistani terrorists along LoC and IB. This is accepted by the Intelligence Agencies. There are inputs in this regard that they can do it. Let us wait and watch what can happen," he said.

The BSF officer said that terror infrastructure is intact in Pakistan.

"The number of the training camps and launching pads are the same. The terror infrastructure is totally intact in Pakistan and terrorists are there," the IG said.

Sharma said, "Increasing and decreasing of terrorists in the camps depend upon their strategy and planned to shift them to left or right to put pressures."

On the question that Pakistan is building a BAT force with recruitment of criminals, prisoners and militants along the border line, the IG said "This has been their past trend also. They have always used convicted people and other prisoners with criminal records and trained them and used in militancy on the promise that you will be freed. Pakistan is using them." 

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