Rich fare between the layers

Rich fare between the layers

Rich fare between the layers


Hindi (U/A) ***
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone
Director: Imtiaz Ali

It all boils down to his love for stories and loathing for maths. From a childhood full of fairytales and folk tales, Ranbir Kapoor is forced into the number-crunching corporate world, where all that matters is “yes boss” (but make sure you are wearing a tie).

And it takes a Deepika Padukone to tell him that it is his story and that he can change the “end”.

From the innocent Shimla to the sunny and flirty Corsica, Imtiaz Ali weaves a stunning canvas where the boy-meets-girl is given a theatrical twist. Of course they meet, but Ranbir and Deepika agree on having some fun in France, hiding their identities. So you have “Don” doing his things with “Mona Darling”, to the beautiful tunes of A R Rahman.

When the role-play ends, the two part as strangers. The hero goes back to his robotic existence, his veins throbbing with unrequited love for more stories and drama.

Ranbir unleashes his true self in front of the mirror. His monologues reveal his inner minefields. The bipolar division — of what he does and what he really wants — gives some eccentric edges to Tamasha.

Ranbir gives amazing depth to his character. He excels as Ved — the man with several layers of complexities, all safely tucked under his charms.

Deepika matches up, as the fun-but-headstrong woman who forces her man out of the cocoon.

Those who grew up on a staple diet of stories will relate to Ranbir’s late-adolescent angst when the child in you is trampled under the norms of society.

Imtiaz Ali deserves credit for giving wings to this whacky tale, as much as the talented cast.