'I did not make the choice of acting'

We best know him for his outstanding performance as Circuit with Sanjay Dutt in Munna Bhai series. Arshad Warsi spoke to Metrolife about his love for food and cooking, about his wife’s book, From My Kitchen to Yours and his future plans.

“The book has been written with a lot of honesty, it is her personality which is there in the book. It is brutally honest. All the recipes are true. There are no ingredients hidden. The anecdotes that she has used is a lot of herself. She has also elaborated a lot about the mood she was in while cooking that dish and why that dish, and what was happening the day she cooked it and much more,” said Warsi.

Meanwhile, Warsi himself is also fond of cooking. He said, “I like cooking. I used to cook a lot earlier. When Maria started cooking, then I took a back seat but yes I am very fond of cooking and I do cook a lot,” he said.

The 47-year-old Guddu Rangeela actor is very fond of North Indian cuisines. He said, “I really like Indian, Punjabi and Mughlai food. Continental food also adds to the list and also everything that my kids like.”

Apart from his career in acting, Warsi used to be an avid dancer, he had won many competitions including the fourth prize in the Modern Jazz category in 1992 World Dance championship. On being asked as to why he chose acting over dancing, he said, “I did not make the choice of acting, rather the choice made me.”

After the Munna Bhai series, Warsi is less known as Warsi and more as Circuit in India. But he feels elated and humbled with the idea. “It’s a compliment for me and I enjoy it. We are going to make another Munna Bhai which is going to happen towards the end of 2016.”

However, when it comes to making a choice for the movies that Warsi picks, he said he’s open to all kinds of movies. “If I like the script of the movie, I do it, no matter what the genre is. There’s no particular inclination towards any genre. It could be any genre like a comedy, drama
or a serious one.”

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