All the way from Assam

All the way from Assam
Hailing from Dhubri in Assam, Bengaluru mesmerised Mohit Jain to stay on. After a decade here in the City, he looks back with pride and contentment. While he came seeking better educational opportunities, it was the accepting nature of Bengalureans that convinced him to stay on. The director of Jiffy Services India Pvt Ltd, Mohit lives here with wife Khushboo and son Advik.

About his hometown, Mohit says, “Dhubri is a small place and is less populated. The place is very close to my heart, since my family and friends live there.” He says that since his social life in Bengaluru isn’t as big as back home, he misses kith and kin.

He proudly says, “I come from Dhubri and the place derives its name from ‘dhobini’ and is on the banks of Brahmaputra. There are many beautiful places like the park on the banks of the river, which attract a lot of visitors. People spend hours there and the weekends are often packed with a lot of crowds.”

Located near the border of India and Bangladesh, Dhubri sees many migrants come and work through the day, says Mohit.

“The local population is less and there are a lot of migrants there. The people are very simple and aren’t very open-minded. Besides, there are time restrictions too. When I’m back home, I’m a little concerned about my dressing and more, as I know that people are observing, since I’m now visiting from a big city.”

Mohit and Khushboo love the cosmopolitan nature of ‘namma Bengaluru’. “People are very accepting and open to changes. They are more broad-minded and accept people from different backgrounds to its fold,” says Mohit. Khushboo, who hails from Guwahati in Assam, says that apart from their tea, the place is known for its scenic beauty.

“Bengaluru is a bigger place and people are busy with themselves. They usually don’t have time for people around,” she says. “Guwahati is developing by the day and there is a lot of greenery there,” she adds. Of the sights and sounds, Khushboo points out that temples like the Kamakhya Temple allure many visitors to the place. “It is believed that if one visits this temple once, then they will end up visiting Guwahati thrice.”

Comparing the cities, she says that Bengaluru has a great climate, to which Mohit adds, “The weather cannot be compared to any of the cities in the country.” The duo points out that the festivals like ‘Bihu’ and ‘Durga Puja’ are big back home, while regional festivals are bigger in Bengaluru. “People visit other states during the festivals, as the place will be decked up and bustling with activity,” she says.

“In Assam, people have more of rice with ‘dal’ and ‘puri sabji’. The culture of  having bread and butter doesn’t exist there,” says the couple. Mohit says that now that they have been living in the South for a few years, whenever their family visits, they make it a point to offer South Indian food like ‘dosa’ and ‘ídli’.

“South Indian food is a major part of our regular diet now,” says Mohit. “We love exploring the cuisine and we like going to traditional food places like Brahmin’s Coffee Bar and Vidyarthi Bhavan. We also like experimenting and visiting new places,” says Mohit. The couple, who love the City for its green spaces, like hanging out with Advik at places like the Bannerghatta National Park, Wonderla and Lalbagh.

“Bengaluru is the land of opportunities, be it for a job or visiting places. We make an outdoor plan every weekend and go out as a family. There is a market for everything here. Also, safety is one of the biggest advantages of the City. We feel at peace here,” Mohit says.

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