Feminine touch

Feminine touch


One of the highlights displayed at the store included the new line of nightwear, Inaya. Inaya is Arabic for grace and the six collections that fall under this brand live up to the name. “In this range, we focused on three things. We wanted it to be fashion-forward, the soft fabrics and we tried to keep the fastener to a minimum,” said Rashi Seth, Vice President, Inaya.
The range has divided into two primary moods, the casual and the glamourous.

The glamourous mood had four looks, the ‘Edgy Dragon’, the alluring ‘Cheetah Rose’, the ‘Soft Silk en Blossom’ and the old Hollywood-inspired ‘Sepia Siren’ for women.

The second mood is the casual one. This is for those who prefer cottons. The fabric used is Modal, which is said to be 30 per cent more absorbent than cotton. This is for the comfort seekers. This range has no fastener and minimal seam work.

This range too has two looks — The languid Atlantis in cool corals and tranquil turquoise, and the Osaka which is inspired by the City. Osaka is more Japanese with a clean look and neat cuts. This range is for you when you are lolling about the house on a Sunday or having a ‘cuppa’ tea in the lawn. Some of these clothes are so comfortable that you could do your work-outs in them.