'Checking for even, odd plates will lead to big traffic jams'

Delhi Police fear people with multiple cars will remain unaffected by the odd-even number rule announced for cars on the capital’s roads by city government.

They say it will be tough to implement for the force, but will support any rule which helps to clean up the city’s toxic air.

An assistant commissioner of police posted with the traffic unit felt that the rule must also take into consideration the difference of pollution caused by petrol and diesel cars.

“The number of diesel cars have increased in the last 10 years due to a drastic difference in the price when compared with petrol. Instead of targeting every vehicle, steps such as restricting sale of subsidised diesel to only public transport vehicles must be considered,” the officer told Deccan Herald.

“Most of such diesel cars are owned by the upper middle class and the rich sections of the society, who often own multiple cars. “I doubt if it will affect them,” he added.
When asked about the announcement, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Anil Shukla said that they are yet to be contacted by the Delhi government. But he noted that any such move will be an added responsibility to the short-staffed force. He added that the onus will also be on the Delhi government’s Transport Department.

“Checking of vehicles is a time consuming procedure. We do not have enough manpower for specific checks and such checking will cause traffic jams for hours,” Shukla added.

Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi has already said that such a proposal would be examined by the traffic unit. On the other hand, it would be an extremely difficult task for the Delhi government’s Transport Department as they have a strength of less than 100.

If the rule comes into force next month, police also plans to link it with the recently launched ‘Traffic Sentinel Scheme’.

In the scheme citizens are rewarded for reporting traffic offences. The mode of reporting offences is simple -- a photograph or video is sent through the existing ‘Delhi Police One Touch Away’ app on Android and ‘Delhi Traffic Police’ app on iOS.

There are around 84 lakh registered vehicles, including 26 lakh cars in Delhi.

On an average, the capital adds 1,400 cars on the roads every day.

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