The bright 'sight' of life!

The bright 'sight' of life!

The bright 'sight' of life!
Visually challenged with a body full of funny bones is City-based stand-up artiste Sundeep Rao. One of India’s partially blind comedians and voice-over artistes, Sundeep can get people eating out of his hand for the quick thinker, humourous writer and charming brat that he is. He quit his job at an IT firm and has been a professional comedian since 2012.

He finds comedy a great medium to deal with his partial blindness and uses his peripheral eyesight to churn out refreshing material on centre stage. He has performed in power-packed venues in the City and around the country. His script is unique and speaks of sarcastic humour, experiential comedy and intelligent jokes. His debut at Vir Das’s show made him take the plunge and he hasn’t looked back ever since he dived into the profession. The comedian who is soon getting married wishes to continue doing comedy and making the world a happier place using the best medicine possible: laughter!

What do people say when they get to know you’re a stand-up comedian who is partially blind?

Most people come and tell me that I have inspired them. I react by saying that I just tell jokes and am not building bridges when I’m partially blind, right? But it’s nice when people come up and say that I’ve inspired them.

What is your prime inspiration?

Living life, basically. I get all my ideas from observations and experiences.

Tell us about the sketch that you’re working on.

It’s called ‘Split Ends’ and is very specific to me. I portray two personas and perspectives; Sundeep Rao and Soapy Rao. One is the ‘super nice’ Sundeep while my other half wants to come out and talk about different things.

Does the current rate of competition in stand-up comedy scare you?

Not at all. There are only so many things in the world you can talk about but the beauty of comedy is that there is no one formula to succeed. Voices here are so diverse. One has to be original to their material and there is no one method of approach to comedy.

Worst show so far?

Never had a worst show but I did experience a few disastrous set ups. This one time, I had told people that I would speak English and the audience didn’t know English.

What is your next project?

I just want to make people around me smile and help make the world a better place to live in.

Three things you would ask for if you were stranded on an island...?

Water, rope and my cane.

How would you save the world from a terrible crisis?

I would get rid of the people who have ego issues, basically all the MBA graduates and people who honk too much on the road.

How do you foresee the end of the world?

Too many buffets and eating a lot.

What’s scares you about marriage?

Sharing a bathroom with someone else.

Tell us a joke.

Getting married!

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