Traffic junctions go Twitter-happy at rush hour!

Traffic junctions go Twitter-happy at rush hour!

Traffic junctions go Twitter-happy at rush hour!

Hopelessly stuck in unending traffic jams, Bengalureans have a new Twitter trend to hilariously pass their waiting time: Intersections acting like actual people, tweeting to each other in absolutely crazy ways!

Sample this tweet by @KadugodiFlyover that lit up the Twitter world a few weeks ago: “@tin_factory You're having so much fun on a Friday evening, right? I am sending a few more vehicles your way. Be nice to them, OK?"

Trapped in virtual gridlocks, Twitter-hooked commuters have found these tweets the perfect medicine to kill their frustration, even if momentarily. The Twitterati are playing along. If @Mekhri_Circle falls silent, @silk_board tweets, giving the chaos on road a funny tweak.  
The trend has caught on big time as the tweets are peppy, instant and designed to lift everyone’s sagging spirits on the harried commute to office or the ride back home.

The Twitterati is floored. Tinu Cherian, an avid Twitter user analysed thus: “In recent weeks, several stretches known for their terrible traffic have appeared on Twitter with their own handles, each trying to relieve the tedium of Bengaluru commute.”

Triggering the rush of these handles was @silk-board, notorious for its nightmarish verve to trap rush-hour commuters in merciless traffic twisters. One particularly bad day, its handler tweeted in utter frustration at the endless wait: “Traffic Update: Three IIT-IIM grads sharing an Uber Pool stuck at BTM water tank have started a food-tech company.”

Not to be outdone, @JayadevaFlyover had this tweet on a bizarre Friday evening: “Its weekend rush now, and my buddies @KadugodiFlyover @GraphiteSignal @HebbalFlyover @silk_board will have a gala time in the evening.”

When they are tired of talking to one another, they drag even the City Traffic Police in. The police handle, @blrcitytraffic was zapped when it caught this tweet from @SonyWorldJn: “My eyes still hurt. @blrcitytraffic can you pls remind them not to use high beam at night? Thanks.”

Buoyed by such tweaks in mirth, over 15 have cropped in the last fortnight alone. Here’s one list, not complete by any stretch: @tin_factory, @GraphiteSignal, @HebbalFlyover, @SonyWorldJn, @white_fielder, @cunningham_road, @Kundalahalli, @sonysignalblr, @Mekhri_Circle, @JayadevaFlyover, @BemlGate...

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