Understanding how body's energy field works

Alternative medicine

On daily basis one may face problems at mental and physical levels, which always may not be answerable by science. Many ailments don’t have their solutions in capsules and tablets but rather in the ‘spiritual’ dimension. And many have resorted to this alternative form of medicine, which is called spiritual healing, to solve their ailments.

Dr Madhu Kotiya, has been into ‘energy healing’ for the past 10 years. She is a practising spiritual healer and pranic psychotherapist, along with reiki healings. Her therapy, she claims, is energy healing which is a helpful treatment for depression, fears, confusion in life, phobias and many other problems and health issues.

“Every human being has an energy field surrounding them. It acts as a protective layer. Most major problems start at an aura level. We have seven levels of energy in our body. There is emotional, mental and physical and the other four are ‘spiritual bodies’. All these layers are found outside your body,” Dr Kotiya tells Metrolife.

She says that one’s aura is weakened due to many reasons such as negative thinking, lack of interaction with nature, being angry and smoking. When people come to her for help, she performs ‘Wiccan healing’ which is her forte (a subcategory of spiritual healing).

Healers adopt many ways, the most prominent and least complex of all such techniques is meditation. Many who practice healing after obtaining systematic education also adopt measures like crystals and gemstones (where crystals and gemstones act as unique agents that exude specific energies), shamanism (a shaman enters an altered state of consciousness allowing him to consult with a helpful spirit), reiki (using reiki hands one can channel good energy and project it into someone through the laying on of their hands), colour healing (giving the body that is ailing an extra dose of any lacking colour) and chakra healing (the chakras are inner energy centres of power and one can learn how to balance their chakras through meditation).

When someone approaches Dr Kotiya, with a desire to be healed, she first casts a circle, it is usually a place where positive energies and powers are kept in and negative energies are kept out. After placing the candles at the four cardinal points, keeping the centre as the altar, Kotiya calls the quarters.

“Sometimes I need to call the angels. The angels offer healing. Everyone has at least one guardian angel and one needs to attune themselves to be aware of their energies in order to be aware of their angels,” she says.

At times she also performs reiki, through which she cleanses the negative energy ‘off’ the sufferer’s body. This healing process may sound dramatic, but Dr Kotiya says that in her lifetime she has cured many ‘sensitive’ cases.

In a rare case, all generations of a family turned out to be albinos. She used Wiccan healing on the pregnant lady who prayed for non-albino babies. According to Dr Kotiya, after nine months the babies were non-albino.

“Not everyone can be a spiritual healer. One needs to be an empathetic person. Since childhood one realises whether they are meant to be a spiritual healer. If you cannot understand the others’ pain, you cannot heal it,” says Dr Kotiya.

She explains like general doctors who have to keep themselves clean, while working on an infected patient. spiritual healers have to keep themselves strong by having a clean aura, which can be done by meditating daily.

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