'Govt faltered on move to remove Justice Adi'

The government had eroded the sanctity of the Assembly since it has not been able to provide enough evidence to substantiate its decision for removing Upalokayukta Subhash Adi, said former JD(S) MLA A T Ramaswamy.

Addressing a press meet here on Wednesday, Ramaswamy said that the Speaker has announced that the documents produced in support of the charges against Adi were insufficient to remove him. “The evidences should have been gathered before a decision was taken in this regard. It is the responsibility of all the legislators to see to it that such a situation does not recur,” he said.

Speaking about the resignation of Lokayukta Bhaskar Rao, he said Rao had believed that those who had benefited by him would come to his rescue. But, as a decision was taken to impeach him it became inevitable for him to resign. A high-level probe should be ordered, which should not only investigate corruption at the Lokayukta office but also his verdicts as a judge, he added.

Commenting on the statement of High Court judge Justice Ram Mohan Reddy that he (judge) had received complaints from public on irregularities amounting to Rs 100 crore, but would reveal them only after his retirement, Ramaswamy said that such a statement from a judge was not acceptable.

“I would write to the High Court Chief Justice in this regard. People are losing hope in the Legislature and Executive. But, non-functioning of the Judicial system is very dangerous. People approach court with a lot of hope after all their efforts for justice in other quarters fail. If the Judiciary is non-functional, it becomes difficult to control corruption,” he said.

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