A pitiful palanquin ride

A pitiful palanquin ride

Prem Pallakki
Kannada (U)
Cast:Vikram, Ashwini Chandrashekar, Anant Nag, Ramesh Bhat, Achyut Kumar
Director: V Sudhakar Shetty
Rating: **

Just feel your love. So goes the film’s tagline. But instead of a romantic ride, Prem Pallakki infuriates one with inanity heaped in the garb of entertainment.

Romance is just an excuse for director Sudhakar Shetty to drum down lessons on today’s youth that there is more to life than falling in love.

The first half revolves around delivering social treatise that village youths should take to farming, continuing their family vocation, than chase elusive chimera in cities. The section also shows how Prem, a karate expert, falls for Pallavi, even as his dad hopes that one day, his son would take on the farming mantle. It also speaks of how girls should be modestly dressed not to invite trouble, and so on.
The first half just passes muster despite its archaic message and sees Prem being pushed from a cliff by Pallavi. The second half is so convoluted that you are left in a daze at the goings-on.

Prem loses his father, and soon after overcomes his depression to emerge the karate champion. A missing Pallavi is announced to have been finally found. The ensuing drama unravels the mystery behind the fatal push and how Prem survived it.
In short, Prem Pallakki has no merit whatsoever to make it watchable.

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