Party with a different twist

Party with a different twist

Party with a different twist

This New Year’s Eve will see revellers hit a high note, not only at the watering holes, but also at house parties. The latter is considered a safe option because people get to be with a close-knit group rather than being amidst total strangers.

House parties also mean that there’s no fear of getting caught for drinking and driving. They need not necessarily be held at someone’s residence, farmhouses, villas and even service apartments which are rented overnight for hosting such parties.

Youngsters vocally swear by house parties. Viral, who works for a start-up, says he is a regular at house parties and this year too he has planned to jam with his friends.

 Viral believes house parties are a safer bet when compared to partying at expensive clubs. “The best part is that you can play the music of your choice and not adhere to deadlines.

There are no strangers and you are with people you know well. We also have this concept called ‘Bring Your Own Booze’ (BYOB) and play music of your choice. This works out real cheap and also makes the occasion memorable,” he explains.

The innumerable restrictions at public places and unreasonable deadlines always dampen the spirit of the young who like to party hard. This is what prompted Sindhu Jayakumar, a working professional, to opt for a house party.

“You are in your own space and don’t have to worry about the deadlines, with most hotels closing by a certain time. There are also no restrictions to spoil your party. Above all, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of having to drive or ride back home,” says Sindhu.

She adds that she always tries to give every house party a different twist. “We usually get together with 15 families and order in food from an old hotel in Chickpet which is very popular for its mutton biryani. We also have a neat playlist which keeps our spirits high.”

Like Sindhu, Swapna Rajesh, an IT professional, says that most of her friends are in their early 20s and 30s and they always make the most of the house parties during new year.
The menu, says Swapna, is pretty elaborate with home-made wines, quiches, biryani, salads and lasagne. The dessert section comprises orange velvet pastry with peanut butter cream and snickers, dark chocolate popcorn and devil’s chocolate pastry.

“We also make the Chinese lanterns, have plenty of games, live music, dance
and barbecue counters to keep all of us in high spirits right until the wee hours,” says Swapna.

There are a few like DJ Clitus who feel that house parties are still going strong but they are slowly losing their charm. Clitus has not only played at New Year’s eve parties but has also attended manu of them.

“It gets terribly crowded on New Year’s and house parties are always a better option. It’s also very different because you get to choose the company you want to be in as opposed to having total strangers around you,” feels Clitus.

He adds, “But I think I’ve gotten over the excitement of a house party and don’t
go to many anymore although some of my friends still do.”

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