Let the games begin

Let the games begin

Let the games begin

The year 2015 has had its ups and downs. But with the year coming to an end, Bengaluru is ready to embrace 2016 with open arms.

Many are getting ready to head to popular pit stops in the City for the midnight welcome, while others prefer to gather at home and have some fun on their own.

House parties are becoming popular for the freedom that comes with them, manageable budgets and lack of curfew, so youngsters are getting together to create their own ‘perfect night’.

But it’s not just gathering at a place for a few drinks, they also indulge in some party games to keep themselves entertained. Adrika Swaminathan, a professional, is looking forward to going to her friend’s place this New Year’s eve.

She says, “It’s easier to be at a friend’s house than being out in the City — it’s much safer as well. We’re going to get some drinks and play some of our favourite games. ‘Beer pong’ is one of my favourites as everyone is usually up for it! We also play ‘Kings’ and a word game called ‘S&T’.”

However, Sooraj Kalapura, a DJ and music producer, believes that no good party story ever begins with “so this one time at a party, while we were eating our salads...”.

He says, “House games are fun as they’re played with people you know and like. ‘King’s Cup’ has become one of our favourites. It’s a bit of a complicated card game but everyone gets so into it and of course, there are drinks involved!” But this year, Sooraj is busy being Sonic X and dropping some ‘sick beats’ to the party-goers at JW Marriott. Once he’s done with that, he hopes to catch up with his friends and party some more.

While there are a few who love to get involved in the games, there are others who aren’t intrigued by the idea. Partha Konwar, a professional, is one of them.

“I’m not someone who likes to play party games. My friends don’t force me either as they know I can be stubborn about it. There were a few times I played ‘Truth or Dare’ and that didn’t excite me much either. But I love hanging out with my friends and have a great time with them at the house parties. I look forward to an eventful evening as we enter into the New Year,” he explains.

There’s also Ritu VK, a B-girl, who does not like much of the drinking games. She says, “I’d rather enjoy my drink slowly than chug it down. But if we were to play some kind of game with it, I like playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ because I think it brings out people’s secrets which is a nice way to bond, especially with the people you don’t know.”

One of the things Ritu enjoys at the house parties she attends is when her dancer friends break out in circles and show off their best moves. “It’s very common in our gang to see such an activity take place— they just form a circle and start dancing. Unfortunately I’m mostly in a dress, s o I have to stand back and watch,” she adds. 

Whether it’s inventing a new game for entertainment or sticking to the classic ones, the youngsters in the City sure are ready to ring in 2016 with a bang.

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