Sand artist creates 45 feet high Santa

Sand artist creates 45 feet high Santa

Sand artist creates 45 feet high Santa

Internationally acclaimed sand artist Sudarsan Patnaik has once again enrolled his name in the Limca Book of Records for creating a 45 feet high Santa Clause on sand for “world peace”.

The huge colorful structure was on display for general public on the sea beach of Odisha temple town of Puri from December 25 to 31. Large number of tourists, both from the state and outside, who have already arrived in the seaside town to spend the New Year, had gathered on the beach to see the attractive sand creation.

It took Patnaik and students of his Puri-based Sudarsan Sand Art Institute 22 long hours to create the 45 feet structure.

“20 of my students assisted me to create the Santa Clause which required one thousand tonnes of sand”, the eminent sand artist told Deccan Herald adding that the record book authorities had already sent him the certificate acknowledging the world record. 

Significantly, the Padma awardee has broken his own world record he had established in 2008 by constructing a 25 feet sand replica of Santa Clause in the same sea beach in Puri. He has so far created nine world records for his sand creations of differ types. 

Patnaik said, the main intention behind creating the latest sand structure was to send a message to the world to reject terrorism and maintain peace and tranquility.

“The motive behind the effort was to give a message against terrorism and maintain peace across the world”, he said.

He and his team would also be creating a big calendar in sand on the Puri beach to welcome the 2016. It will be on display on the New Year’s day on Friday. “We are working on it”, the popular sand artist said.