Hemanth, Rahul bag gold medals

Hemanth, Rahul bag gold medals

Hemanth Jenukal VB and Rahul M bagged two gold medals each on the opening day of the 16th State Short Course Swimming Championships at the DYES Swimming Pool here on Monday.

While Global Swim Centre’s Hemanth won in the 200M medley and 100M backstroke events, BAC’s Rahul won gold in the 400 and 100M freestyle races.

Results (winners only): Boys: Group I: 1500M freestyle: Omkumar TH (BAC) 17:40.71; 200M medley: Hemanth Jenukal VB (GSC) 2:14.37; 100M backstroke: Hemanth Jenukal VB (GSC) 1:03.65; 400M freestyle: Rahul M (BAC) 4:11.09; 100M breaststroke: Vaishnav Hegde (Puttur Aquatic Centre) 1:06.64; 100M freestyle: Rahul M (BAC) 55.38.

Group II: 800M freestyle: P Kushal (Dolphin’s) 9:18.53; 200M medley: Siddharth Joshi (GSC) 2:27.41; 50M backstroke: Siddharth Joshi (GSC) 30.13; 400M medley: Achyuth V Rachur (BAC) 5:13.93; 100M breaststroke: P Kushal (Dolphin’s); 100M freestyle: Siddarth Rai (BAC) 58.73. 4x50M freestyle: BAC ‘A’ (1:52.30).

Group III: 200M freestyle: Raj Vinayak Relekar (Dolphin’s) 2:11.65; 100M backstroke: Shivansh Singh (BAC) 1:09.62; 4x25M medley: BAC ‘A’ (1:00.56) 1; 100M freestyle: Prasidh Krishna PA (GSC) 59.38, 1; 100M butterfly: Prasidh Krishna PA (GSC) 1:03.00.

Group IV: 50M breaststroke: Shoan Ganguly (Dolphin’s) 41.72; 4x25M freestyle relay: DA (1:00.45); 200M medley: Shoan Ganguly (Dolphin’s) 2:37.10; 25M freestyle: Shoan Ganguly (Dolphin’s) 14.19; 4x50M medley relay: MEG & Centre (1:58.73).

Women: Group I: 100M freestyle: Preksha HM (BAC) 1:03.73; 1500M: freestyle: Preksha HM (BAC) 17:40.71; 400M freestyle: Preksha HM (BAC) 4:45.95; 100M breaststroke: Shiwangi Rawat (BAC) 1:21.29; 100M backstroke: Jhanati Rajesh (BAC) 1:11.69; 200M medley: Jhanati Rajesh (BAC) 2:37.87; 4x50M medley: (BAC-A) 2:14.98

Girls: Group II: 100M freestyle: Mayuri Lingaraj (BAC) 1:03.26; 800M freestyle: Nandini SS (BAC) 10:05.02; 50M backstroke: Sunaina Manjunath (BAC) 33.48; 100M breaststroke: Pratiksha Patel (DA) 1:23.80; 200M medley: Thanuja S (BAC) 2:38.45; 400M medley: Thanuja S (BAC) 5:33.23 4x50M freestyle: BAC-A (1:58.70)

Group III: 200M freestyle: Khushi Dinesh (BAC) 2:21.04; 100M freestyle: Khushi Dinesh (BAC) 1:04.29; 100M backstroke: Suvana C Baskar (DA) 1:11.13; 100M fly: Kshitija K (BAC) 1:11.95; 4x25M medley: Dolphin Aquatics (1:04.35)

Group IV: 25M freestyle: A Jedidah (DA) 15.20; 50M breaststroke: A Jedidah (DA) 41.72; 4x25M freestyle: DA (1:03.38); 200M medley: A Jedidah (DA) 2:47.67.