A matter of experience

A matter of experience

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A matter of experience

Mita Vashist — the name is synonymous with a long list of exemplary performances and a huge body of work. Whether it is the small or big screen, the actress has always left her mark. Having acted in shows like Swabhimaan, Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Hip Hip Hooray and the unforgettable Pachpan Khambey Laal Diware, Mita clearly is one of the best tele stars of the current lot.

Presently essaying the role of the evil Jethi Ma in a show called Kaala Teeka on Zee TV, Mita says, “I have always followed one rule while choosing roles. For me it is like marrying someone whom you don’t love. If I don’t like the concept or subject, I don’t take it up because I can’t essay a role which I don’t believe in.” She adds, “Currently, I am in a phase where I don’t have to prove how good an actor I am.

Over the years, I have got accolades and praises from the audience, and I am grateful to them. I also realised if you are not active in the industry, your choice of what you are going to do independently as an actress is limited. It is important to be visible in the scenario. If you are an artiste, you need to see that your talent gets manifested. I am not from a family of actors, I had the acting bug in me before television came in the picture.”

Speaking about the changes she has witnessed in the last 20 years as an actress, Mita says, “Content has changed and now it is the producer’s industry. I remember, 20 years ago, people who were involved in TV shows considered it a personal thing. With the involvement of the corporates, it is not a personal affair anymore. There are so many awards and so much attention now, but in our times, it was only about the work and dedication.”

Mita, who is known for her straightforwardness, feels she needs to break two myths about her life. “Most of the people think I am nasty and difficult. Few are petrified of me because I insist on quality and I have a different sense of humour. People from the industry also feel I can’t do comedy, but the fact is I really want to do comedy now. In fact, very soon I will be coming out with my own stand-up act which I am writing with a few people. I did a retrospective on my own work and I find in Pachpan Khambey I did such a gentle character and people still remember it. And then there are Kasba and Siddheswari where I had different shades. I have never been typecast.”

Mita also acted in films like Drohkaal, Taal, Chandni and last she was seen in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls in a cameo. “Right now, I am doing my own documentary film on performance which needs two more months to complete. It’s not a commercial venture. I miss working with people like Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalini, but I don’t think too much. I am happy that I got the opportunity. But one should keep travelling with time and move on.”