Sweet is the flavour

Sweet is the flavour

Tasty treat

Sankranthi’ is here and so is the time to make sweet something. On the occasion, Rama Gokul shares the recipe of ‘Til Laddoo’.

Til laddoo

 Til seeds (nylon): Two cups
 Dry coconut or copra gratings: Two tbsps
 Jaggery powder: One cup
Cardamom powder: Half a tsp


 Roast the sesame seeds till they turn light brown and start spluttering.
 Add copra gratings and cardamom powder to the til and mix well.
 Add a quarter cup of water to jaggery powder and prepare a syrup of almost a two-string consistency.
 Pour this over the til mixture and mix well.
 Start rolling out lemon-sized balls while the mixture is still warm.

Tip: You can dust your palms with maida or grease them with a little ghee,
to easily roll out the laddoos.