Magnificence at hand

Magnificence at hand

Magnificence at hand
Ganjam is presenting ‘The Silence of Hampi’, featuring photographs by the legendary fashion and fine-art Indian photographer, Prabuddha Dasgupta, at the Ganjam Flagship store in the City. 

‘The Silence of Hampi’ captures the unique artistic perception and experience of Prabuddha Dasgupta against the melancholic and deserted landscape.

These photographs showcase Prabuddha’s response to the magnificence of Hampi, the interaction between the lines and boundaries captured through his lens.

The exhibition also introduces a limited edition book – Hampi, which features this body of work in one concise edition.

Prabuddha is a self-taught photographer who grew up in the cultural chaos of post-colonial India. Although he studied to be a historian, he started his career as a copywriter before turning to photography.

He pursued a variety of photographic projects, unapologetically straddling the two worlds of commissioned and artistic work. He brought a bold, individualistic sensibility that very quickly placed him in the ranks of major photographic talent in the country.

Prabuddha's work has been exhibited and published both in India and around the world. The exhibition is on from January 21 to 30 at Ganjam, 22/12, Vittal, Mallya Road. The exhibition timing is from 11 am to 7 pm.