Saying it with flowers

Saying it with flowers

Saying it with flowers
The ongoing Republic Day National Flower Show at Lalbagh is special for several reasons. It is dedicated to Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel (renowned horticulturist and town planner, who was also the chief architect of the State and landscape artist of Lalbagh) and commemorates his 150th birth anniversary. Besides, it is the first flower show in India that has totally potted plants and no cut flowers. And the plants have been brought from various corners of the country, including Sikkim, Maharashtra, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru itself.

“It is the first-of-its-kind flower show in India. There are over 50 to 100 varieties of different exotic and native floral and foliage plants. Most of them have been brought from Pune,” informs Krishna Chavan from Belagavi, who is the architect of the flower show. He was also the architect for the August 2015 flower show and the International Landscape Festival in November at Lalbagh.

The highlight of the show is the ‘Krumbiegel House’, 25 feet in height and 30 feet in width, that has been constructed with beautiful petunias, dianthus, pansies, vincas and begonias in pretty colours like pink, red, violet, blue, yellow, purple and white. “We’ve tried to replicate Krumbiegel’s childhood house in Germany,” says Krishna.

Courtyard landscaping has been done in the backside of the grand structure (house) and three big floral archs have been designed with the large variety of flowers mentioned above along with red poinsettias.

In the front, there is a small statue of Krumbiegel with a floral carpet all around, comprising 40 varieties of exotic potted flower plants. And the grandeur of the entire setting is elevated with two trees with potted pink poinsettias in the front of the house and two trees with potted red and orange poinsettias at the back.

Other attractions this time are a small bonsai garden and a lady’s figurine decorated with orchids. One can spot many visitors taking selfies alongside these and the Krumbiegel House.

Vidya, who is a regular at the flower shows at Lalbagh, says that it’s always a riot of colours which is pleasing to the eye and uplifts her mood. “The bonsai concept is new. The fact that they are all potted plants is something different from the previous years. Even the three hearts look wonderful.”

Namratha also makes it a point to visit the shows every year and finds this show better than the one in August. “The flowers look fresh and the female figurine is a unique concept. They have been designing buildings but no figures or statues till now.” Some visitors have also been appreciating the entire arrangement and organisation of the flower show.

Dr VK Kaushik from Baroda, who is visiting his son in the City, says that it’s a nice and colourful show with different varieties of flowers and plants. “What’s also nice is that the crowd here is very peaceful, cooperative and disciplined which makes it pleasant to visit,” he states.

However, there are some like Jennifer who didn’t find the show attractive enough. She says, “The Bangalore Palace that they had constructed last time was lovely. This time the show is more green and less colourful. I found very less flowers and more plants.”

Foreign tourists are also coming to the botanical garden for some visual pleasure. Sylvain from Canada, who is in Bengaluru for work, found the show quite impressive with a great variety on display. Natalie and Rachel are here to attend a friend’s wedding and they say that the flower show is the most beautiful thing in the entire garden. While Mustafa, Mohammed and Aman from Afghanistan add that though they have flower shows back home, they generally have artificial flowers. “It’s amazing to see these gorgeous natural flowers in full bloom. It justifies the title of ‘Incredible India’.” The show is on till January 26 at the Glass House.