Man donates father's body to Kims for medical research

Man donates father's body to Kims for medical research

Man donates father's body to Kims for medical research

It was a moment of extreme grief for him having lost his father. However, he did not think twice before donating his father’s body for research.

So far, cadavers of 20 members of his family have been donated to various medical colleges across the State. City-based sales manager Mallikarjun, who lost his father Doddabasappa Halkatappa Bevinamarad, donated his father’s cadaver to Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (Kims) in the City on Wednesday.

Mallikarjun, a native of Gadag, told reporters, “My father had suffered a stroke ten years ago. He was bedridden since a year. After he breathed his last yesterday (Tuesday), we wanted to go ahead with the donation. Recently, even my uncle and brother’s cadavers were given to medical colleges for study,” he added.

 The family members were motivated to donate the cadavers after they were made aware of the severe shortage of the cadavers for research. “In Gadag, recently an ayurvedic medical camp was conducted at the Veerashaiva Samaj.
Many came forward and signed to donate their bodies after death. Even my family members gave their consent,” added Mallikarjun.

“What is the point if we burn or bury the human body. It will serve no purpose. Instead, it will at least help mankind if the body is donated for research,” he said.

Kims administrative officer Dr Madhushankar said, “I want to clarify that there is a myth that bodies of their loved would be mutilated and not treated with dignity. Let me clarify that we use the bodies for research and all due care is taken.”

He said a medical college with a student strength of 150 needs at least 15 cadavers every year for students to learn the surgical process.