'Coffee growers should promote mixed cropping'

'Coffee growers should promote mixed cropping'

Karnataka State Growers Federation (KGF) former President Dr M K Pradeep said coffee growers have been protecting nature by cultivating the crop.

Speaking at a programme organised by Kodagu Mahila Coffee Jagrutha Sangha here on Friday, he said, “The coffee growers must have encroached the land while developing estates. The encroachment is not a sin. Through coffee, the growers have been maintaining nature. The growers have not dug the soil like in Ballari.”

He said the coffee growers have been adding revenue to the government. The government should hand over encroached land to the growers for a contract period, he urged.

“A few growers have started cultivating coffee by felling all the trees in the estate. This is a dangerous trend. The destruction of trees will affect the Western Ghats. The coffee growers should be committed to protect nature,” he said.

The growers should promote mixed cropping and cultivate pepper, arecanut, silver oak along with coffee, he noted. KGF General Secretary Theerthamallesh said Kodagu Mahila Jagrutha Sangha should release a coffee in the brand name of the Sangha.