Driving licence campaign launched for auto, cab drivers

Driving licence campaign launched for auto, cab drivers

Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways E-Rickshaw Committee Chairman Anuj Sharma, on Saturday, said that  lawmakers introduce stringent laws only if the rate of violations are high.

After inaugurating the ‘DL Drive’, a campaign to educate cab and autorickshaw drivers to get valid driving licences and to create awareness about the draft notification to amend the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, organised by Bharath Informal Workers Initiative (BHIWI), an unorganised workers union, Sharma said that traffic violations like signal jump, drink and drive and others are little high among commercial drivers.

“If everyone follows the norms, the 1988 Act, which regulates all aspects of road transport vehicles, will be nullified. Drivers should quit liquor not only for the sake of following the rules, but to lead a dignified life. The Centre has introduced the E-Rickshaw Committee to look after the welfare of the autorickshaw drivers in the country. Autorickshaws play a huge role in society and the drivers should work for the passengers,” he suggested.

Speaking about the draft notification, Sharma said, “If the government issues a gazette notification, commercial vehicle drivers can obtain driving licence within 30 days from the date of availing Learner Driving Licence (LLR). As per MVA, 1988, one has to wait for one year from the date of LLR, he said. He lauded BHIWI for launching the campaign to educate about the procedure to get DL among autorickshaw and cab drivers who are working without DLs.

Addressing the gathering, MLA Vasu said that the Union government has taken a good decision and the new rule helps many drivers who are dependent on driving for livelihood.

Signature campaign
Former minister S A Ramdas said that after 25 years, the government has come forward to amend the rule.

“Now, we should ask the government for a gazette notification of the same. To pressure the government, BHIWI has also launched a signature campaign. There are 61 lakh drivers working without DL in India. As per the 1988 Act, one should have a minimum education qualification of class VIII to obtain a DL. Even though many drivers have good driving skills, they are not provided the DL due to the rule,” Ramdas said.

“According to the amendment, a person who is able to read and write in any one Indian language can get a DL by clearing a practical examination. BHIWI has taken up a signature campaign by drivers working without DL to pressurise the Union government to issue a gazette notification in this regard,” he added.

Regional Transport Officer (RTO) Sathyanarayana, film actor Ajay Rao, Jaya Karnataka Sangha State president Jagadish and others were present.