In six-yard wonder

In six-yard wonder

In six-yard wonder

Riccha (in black)and Kankshi.

You could be a fresh faced, sweet sixteen or an octogenarian with her own distinct style and you can still carry it off well. There is no garment quite as versatile or timeless as the sari, say fashionistas in the City.  A swathe of fabric that is so varied in its myriad textures, hues, designs, styles and drape that it can suit any age, mood or occasion.

Metrolife talks to designer Pavitra Halkatti about the latest trends in sari design.
“Saris are a unique blending of religious and cultural influences from around the country. Now with global influences, this intriguing swathe of fabric has transformed into an even more contemporary and versatile fashion statement. Feminine and sensual, it can be worn as a lacy cocktail dress equivalent or a rich silk brocade in jewel tones for an elegant style statement.”

She goes on to say, “Nothing looks more classic than a soft chiffon in a delicate pastel shade, worn with a strand of pearls in the morning. A crisp cotton with a contrast border and matching silver jewellery looks trendy and cool in the day. A black chantilly lace or georgette worn with a dull gold scooped neck choli or halter could be the Indian equivalent of the little black dress, sophisticated and global.”

So what’s in?

“Textures today are very ‘in’. Velvet panels with net and lace with silk are in. Even a reduction in length from six to four metres for those willing to experiment with style and form, is advised. It makes the sari more figure-hugging. Of course, there is a bit of adjustment with the pleating and pallu but that makes the whole look interesting.”

Where to shop

There are several well-known sari stores in the City that keep up to date with the latest trends. They are the safest places to shop at as the prices are generally reasonable and they have a blend of  traditional and contemporary styles. The newer stores in malls tend to stock up on gaudy designs and synthetic fabrics that look cheap and tacky.

How do the young adapt to the sari?

Riccha Paul wears trendy Western clothes on an everyday basis but says that the sari is one of the most dressy of evening outfits that no other garment can match in oomph.

“My friends and I love the sari but we are very choosy about what we wear. Gaudy colours and old-fashioned designs are definite no no. So are heavy cumbersome silks or too much bling, tassles or loud prints.  Crepe silks ,chiffon and georgette are light and drape well,” she says.

“We like to improvise and play around with drapes and pallus. Sometimes looping it over the shoulder like a rope or tucking the pleats in at the back. Certain traditional saris like Tanchoi or Paithanis are gorgeous and no contemporary style can compete with them,” she adds.

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