'Obesity is on the rise'

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'Obesity is on the rise'

From running on the treadmill to tracking every bit of your  nutritious food to mobile apps that keep you updated throughout the day, the industry presently sees a 40 per cent growth every year, according to Eric Keller, director of international operations at Anytime Fitness Gym.

Eric, who is Minneapolis-based, feels that working out has become a necessity in India which is “undergoing westernisation”.

“The Western culture is rapidly setting in here because of which the food habits and lifestyle of people are changing. There is a lot more consumption of junk food and obesity is on the rise, which is leading to diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and other heart diseases. This causes a rise in the medical cost too and thus people are becoming more self-aware,” Keller tells Metrolife.

According to him, one of the primary developments that the industry is seeing is gyms becoming more convenient and affordable. Facilities like latest equipment for intense fitness sessions and more number of personal trainers available in the gym are also some of the factors which motivate people to head to the gym.

“From being muscular and bulky to being health and agile, the definition of fitness has seen a huge change in the recent years. Fitness in today’s times is more about keeping oneself away from heart diseases, having a good stamina and the recurring strength to continue with the daily routine,” adds Keller.

He further stresses on the fact that while a regular workout is important, one must not workout for seven days at a stretch. “You should give your body time to recover. Working out for five days a week or even three days a week serves the purpose.”

Mentioning about the weight-gain that most people incur during the winter season, he says, “People get lazy in the winters, they would want to stay indoors in their own comfort zone. The best they can do in this time is to do body weight workouts like squats, push-ups etc. Or else, if one can afford and has space, then a treadmill at home should work great.”

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