Man slips due to garbage strewn on street, paralysed

Man slips due to garbage strewn on street, paralysed

Family blames MCD, mulls seeking compensation

A 52-year-old man had to pay the price for the stalemate between the city government and the three municipal corporations which has led to an indefinite strike turning north and east Delhi into a huge garbage dumpyard with waste strewn on streets.

On February 2, Sharvan Kumar Dokaniya was heading towards Fatehpuri from Chandni Chowk on a rickshaw around 6.30 pm. As he got down from the rickshaw at Fatehpuri redlight, he stepped on the waste littered around the area and slipped.

“He fell straight on his head and became unconscious. Passers-by took him to the nearby St Stephen’s Hospital where doctors told us that he had suffered brain hemorrhage,” said Kumar Hariom, Dokaniya’s nephew.

“He was kept in the ICU for three days. He somewhat recovered from brain hemorrhage but his left side of the body was paralysed,” Hariom told Deccan Herald.

“It will take months of physiotherapy exercises to help him move his left hand and leg,” he added.
Dokaniya is an auto-part supplier who lives on rent in Fez Ganj at Azad Market, and his wife and two sons live in Mumbai. After hearing about his accident, they came to Delhi. They refused to comment as they were in a shock.

Three days ago, doctors did a CT scan and found swelling in the brain.
“They say uncle has to be kept under supervision for four to five days,” added Hariom.

Asked if the family blames the municipal corporation for the mishap, Hariom said, “Of course, the accident is the result of the garbage being littered on the streets due to the ongoing strike which is still continuing. My uncle didn’t have a blackout and fell. He slipped because he stepped on the waste lying on the roadside. Who is to be blamed for it? This whole strike mess is MCD’s fault.”

“The family is in a shock and as soon as uncle is discharged, we are mulling filing a complaint against the municipal corporation concerned. We will seek compensation but we don’t much care about the money. We want the corporation to learn its lesson from this incident as strikes can be fatal for common man. We just want that no family goes through what we are going through,” he added.

Some more incidents of people meeting with accidents have come to the fore. Two residents of Shastri Nagar fell from their two-wheelers due to the waste dumped on the roads in separate incidents.