Control room was in Karachi

Control room was in Karachi

Control room was in Karachi

The control room of the 26/11 Mumbai terror operations was in Karachi, ISI-LeT operative David Coleman Headley said on Thursday, but feigned ignorance where exactly it was housed.

However, he confirmed that Lashkar operatives were in touch with the 10 fidayeens who were carrying out the attack from November 26 to 29, 2008.

Head of organisation
To a question, he said while Hafiz Saeed was the “overall head” of the organisation, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi was the controller of military operations.

Asked who was next in command to Lakhvi, he said it was Abu Al Kama. When asked whether he is Mazhar Iqbal, he said: “I don’t know his real name.”
Asked how he got introduced to him, he said it was at a meeting in Muridke, but he did not have any conversation with him. To a question as to who all were present in the meeting, he gave the names of Hafiz Saeed and Lakhvi and said he does not remember others as it was in 2003.

Asked does at any point of time, he knew about Al Kama’s role, he said he came to know after the 26/11 attacks. “Sajid Mir played (a clip) in the laptop....we were in a vehicle in Rawalpindi...he was showing how Indian media covered it. “Voices of two persons were heard...Abu Kama and Abu Khafa,” he said, a reference that they were directing the operations from the control room.

Asked whether Sajid Mir was happy, he said he was and when asked about himself, Headley replied: “I also got happy.”

1.Headley said he does not know Abu Saria, who is shown as one of the 35 wanted accused in the charge sheet filed by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch.

2.“It sounds familiar, but I don’t know him, I don’t remember,” he said.

3. He denied knowing Colonel R Sadaatullah, but said he knows Captain Khuraam. “He felt that we (Pakistani Army) were assisting the US in the FATA,” he spoke of Capt Khuraam and said that he was from the Special Services Group.