Pouty lips & winged eyes

Pouty lips & winged eyes


Pouty lips & winged eyes

Lip plumping  enhancer: Fullips

Take it or leave it. This revolutionary lip-plumping product is rather a trick. All you need to do is suck it after keeping it inside your lips and a bee-stung set of smoochers will be ready to greet you in the mirror. Invest in a pair now.

Eyebrow stencil: Kryolan

An eyebrow stencil should be in you wish list — if you desire perfect looking brows. These stencils let you
fill-in the colour with perfection, while preventing a mess around the brows. Also, as the strong brow look is so in, you need to pick one now.

Cuticle nourisher: Vanya

This works best for softening even the hardest of cuticles. A cuticle cream infuses the goodness of its deep-moisturising property, while leaving your hands and feet superbly soft and smooth. Not only this, these also contain nail-growth serums to let you have sexy talons!

Lip-cheek stain: Body Shop

This multi-purpose item can act as a blusher to give some warmth to your cheeks — while giving a durable colour to your smoochers, working as
a lip colour as well. For those who like keeping their cosmetic-kit light, the lip cheek stain proves to be a double-magic product that has long-lasting
effects too.

Lip-plumper: Sexy Mother Pucker

Who doesn’t like kissable smoochers and pout-o-licious selfies! And, if you’re indeed one
of them, a lip-plumper must be your go-to product this year. Apply it just three to five minutes
before slathering on your colour, and get blessed with a die-for-pout.

Charcoal face wash: Ponds

Charcoal essence is known to pull-out all the carbon and other impurities collected on your skin due to the encounter with air pollution. It leaves your skin refreshed, revived and fair. So, aim for a face wash that contains all these properties and is sure to give you a selfie-ready skin forever!

Eye lash serum+mascara: NYX

Be ready to make many heads turn this year — that too with a blink. Yes, an eyelash serum-cum-mascara helps you do just that. So, while you flaunt those super-dramatic lashes, the serum will stimulate their growth with its natural pulling action. Do you yearn for long lashes? Apply some every night to discover long and strong whiskers.

Light diffusing concealers: YSL

This convenient form of concealer comes in a pen-shape and is therefore easy to apply. It diffuses light and creates the illusion of brightened skin, making it a superb fix for camouflaging your dark-spots, wrinkles, dark-circles, puffy eyes and much more…

Pen eye-liner: Colorbar

We so wish to do the “super-in” eye trends of winged, geometric and graphic on our eyes. But, to draw these to perfection, you have to chance upon a shake-free and smudge-proof eyeliner. Bring on this weapon every time you eye for an outing and it is sure to last long enough, while
giving you the blackest output.

Sea salt shampoo: H2O

The rich-girl hair trend is back in fashion; so are lush and shiny waves. While adding a great texture to your hair, this super-setting product also adds that much-needed volume for an unkempt, beachy, yet very polished avatar.

(The author is a beauty expert and executive director, ALPS group)