A colourful world on stage

A colourful world on stage

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Members of Gnatak will present ‘The Leader’ and ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’, directed by Michael Joseph, on February 20 and 21, 7.30 pm, at Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield.

This is being held as part of the ‘Deccan Herald Theatre Festival’.

‘The Leader’, originally a satire by Eugene Ionesco, is on mass adulation of political leaders. It includes a group of people who await the leader and excitedly laud his most mundane actions.

‘The Leader’ finally arrives and he is not what they expect him to be. Through the use of character ‘The Leader’ highlights the absurdist and existential themes of non-personalisation and loss of identity.

‘Krapp’s Last Tape’, a work by Samuel Beckett, has Krapp, a 69-year-old who reviews the year gone by and records his reflections on an old spool tape.

Krapp is unable to bear the present reality and submerges himself in his past. Through this play, Beckett paints a portrait of impotent desire by capturing the futility of Krapp.

The tickets for the plays are available at the ‘Deccan Herald’ office, MG Road between 10 am and 5 pm, and also on www.bookmyshow.com.

For details, log on to http://www.deccanherald.com /events/dhtheatre