Of old-world horology...

Of old-world horology...


Of old-world horology...

Ever seen a peacock feather as the dial of a wrist watch? How about an ancient coin, a monogram, or a flag? Gaurav Mehta, the founder of Jaipur Watch Company, has designed them all, and more.

Since JWC’s launch in 2013, the bespoke watchmaker has been handcrafting timeless wonders. In an interaction with Deccan Herald, the numismatist discusses the timeless appeal of a bespoke mechanical watch in today’s fast-paced, ‘smart’ world. Excerpts:

Why bespoke watches?

The notion with bespoke watches is that though it is a brand’s creation, it still lends an element of personal touch to the timepiece, making it your very ‘own’.

Bespoke creations are a statement of expressing one’s individuality. We craft both prêt and custom-made watches. A watch, in my opinion, is a necessity and well-made tools are worthy investments. There is a reason why luxury comes at a price. It is created by tireless pursuit of perfection in each little detail and the high quality level.

Competing with the smart watches…

The smart watch is for those looking for modern technology; but it is definitely not a replacement for a traditional, mechanical watch. Technology has taken over nearly every walk of life. Amidst that, a mechanical watch shall always be loved and cherished because there is still place for old-world horology and watch mechanics that have become an intrinsic part of our day-to-day life. Watch adherents or connoisseurs have a penchant for anything that effortlessly and innovatively blends narrative with horology.

The most memorable creation…

JWC has crafted a made-to-measure timepiece for His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh, which sums up to be our most memorable creation. This timepiece was infused with elements that essay the Maharaja’s love for the royal equestrian sport of Polo. An amalgamation of royalty with the eagle (coat of arms) and the official polo emblem, our limited edition collection titled ‘JWC Polo’ are crafted in Swiss Movement with a jump hour mechanism and water resistance. The first in this series 001 is a bespoke piece handcrafted for the royal His Highness as the purveyor of the royal sport in the region.
Can a bespoke watch be affordable?

Bespoke watch is basically a watch which is personal in nature, something which has been customised for the need and as per the taste of the client. A basic customisation like changing the coin with their personal coin or engraving on the back of the watch with a message is inexpensive, but yes, if someone wants us to build a watch from scratch, which is one-of-a-kind, the client will have to shell out more based on the requirements. For instance, if the choice of material is gold and the design is entirely new, it can cost anything more than Rs two lakh.

And its appreciation value…

Our prêt collection of watches is limited edition housing antique unused (UNC) coins. Of course, the coins will appreciate with time. Our maiden collection, Imperial Wrist Wear is nearly sold out with a dozen timepieces remaining. We are at the beginning of the game; we will have to wait and see how the market responds once the collection is over; how many people will be putting the watches in resale etc. It will be a while before we can accurately denote the actual appreciation of the complete watch.

A maiden buy for an amateur…

A timepiece that connotes your personality, something that defines your taste or preferences is what a novice watch adherent should go for. From JWC’s collection, I would certainly recommend the Kings Wrist Wear as it is a combination of horology and numismatics.

How many watches do you own?

In my personal collection, I have more than 100 watches. And my favourite is our very own HMT – the HMT Braille.

The watch you would love to make one day...

A horological wonder crafted and customised to cater to the requirements of every single individual. Be it for women’s safety, or the needs of a senior citizen or a special kid…an ornate or neoclassic piece, a red carpet accessory… the list continues because as a designer there can be no end to vision and innovation.

What does time mean to you?

Time, for me, is personification of energy, rhythm of the universe or, in simple words, it’s the ultimate power.

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