The small wonders

The small wonders

Miniature pieces

The small wonders

Creativity comes in different ways to people. And creative people never fail to surprise others with their quirky ideas and innovations. Aimee Rajan is one of them who constantly works towards challenging herself to improve and experiment with new things each time she creates a piece. Her forte lies in  making miniature products with bakeable clay, while giving each of them a new look and twist.

She was merely 24 years old when she first started working with clay, to which she says, “The first time I worked with clay was when I came across an image of a miniature ice cream cone in 2014. My love for miniature things added to my curiosity to know more about how to create the same with clay. It is all self-taught and though I may have mastered the art, I still have so much to learn everyday.

With a few tools and a little clay, I initially experimented with miniature foods. Today, when I look at those first few pieces, I may cringe, but I try to think of them as stepping stones to what I am doing today.”

Aimee started off by making tiny pieces for herself and as gifts for family and friends, which eventually led to ‘All Things Clay’, a venture she started in March last year.

    She explains, “Once my friends and family got to know this side of mine, they started expressing their interest in my work and were ready to pay for my creations. Their appreciation and encouragement guided me to put serious thought into making this a viable business venture.”

      She adds, “Soon I started the process of making my dream a reality by coming up with a name, designing my own logo, and creating outlets on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram —  leading to the birth of the venture.”

Currently, Aimee’s most popular miniature pieces are the recreation showpieces and food magnets. Apart from which her expertise lies in creating various kinds of party favours, fridge magnets, keepsake cake toppers, key chains, jewellery and other novelty items.
Explaining the different materials used for her clay modelling, Aimee says, “Along with the bakeable clay, I use wires and baseboard, and since I make boxes for each piece, I use chipboard and try to personalise the packaging with the help of washi tapes.”

     It takes her about two weeks to finish an intricate piece like the recreation showpieces, however for a simpler model like a key chain or magnet, it takes her two to three days. The entire process isn’t a child’s play and the procedure (in a nutshell)
follows designing, sculpting, baking, detailing, glazing, photography, editing and finally

What started as a hobby with a few basic tools, two blocks of clay, some eyeshadows and no oven, has today become popular among many craft lovers and a fulltime job for her. She also customises orders, and says that her customers always come first. “Most of the times my customers already have an idea of what they want. After listening to what they have in mind, I give them a few related options to choose from. It turns out that most of them look for the recreation showpiece to gift their loved ones on their special occasions. In fact, it acts as a great gifting option —  personalised and unique in its own way,” says Aimee.

About the feedback she has received since the inception of ‘All Things Clay’, “So far I have received positive feedback from my customers. When they tell me that the piece made them and the recipient smile the whole day, it inspires me even more. My friends and family have always been my biggest fans. Their support and encouragement plays a huge role in what I have achieved till now. ‘All Things Clay’ is an infant and in its first stage of what is hopefully an entity in the near future. I consider myself blessed to be able to do something that I am so passionate about,” says Aimee.
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