Fighting injustice all the way

Fighting injustice all the way

Strong role

Fighting injustice all the way

Actors have relished playing roles that emphasise the strength of women.
The latest to join the list is Sandalwood actor Sruthi Hariharan, whose forthcoming project ‘Urvi’ is about how women rise to the occasion in an urban setting.

The actress doesn’t like to call ‘Urvi’ a woman-oriented film. “‘Urvi’, which translates to ‘goddess of circumstance’, features five women of different age groups, who battle with issues that are very specific to city life,” she explains.

The director has pegged some of these situations on real incidents. “There are very serious issues — objectification of women and women who sell their bodies to make some money — that are dealt with in the film. These are things that are happening and I have always wondered why people shy away from talking about it? This film not only highlights such issues but also offers possible solutions to them,” explains Sruthi. 

She plays the character of Asha and in Sruthi’s words ‘is a bold and upright role’. “Asha is an orphan but she doesn’t brood over her state or worry about her life. She not only works hard to fend for herself but also lends support to women caught in a similar situation. In fact, Asha defines and gives the word ‘revolt’ and ‘revolution’ a definite meaning and direction,” states Sruthi.

She also points out that every one of the characters are distinct and has a purpose for being in the frame.

“There’s a goddess in every woman and the movie also shows how that goddess comes alive and stands up against what’s unjust and fights back,” she adds. The script is written by Pradeep Varma.

The shooting for the film has started and one location is the Booth Bungalow in Tavarakere on the outskirts of the City.

“There’s a thin line between realism and surrealism. The director has aesthetically mixed both these aspects and created a beautiful set. The house appears to be deserted from the outside but the interiors are transformed into a celebration of sorts,” she observes.
Sruthi has also signed another Kannada film titled, ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’, which explores the impact of media on society and how things reported on news channels and newspapers play an important role in shaping people’s opinions.

“Amidst all this drama, emerges a love story. I play the role of a woman who stands by her man in tough times and encourages him to fulfil his dreams,” she adds.

The young actor is also on the panel of judges for a Kannada dance reality show, ‘Dance Dance’.

“As a student, I have auditioned for some reality shows and now many years later, I find myself judging a similar show. It’s a huge responsibility but I am enjoying it,” she says.

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